About Fuse Pilates

Fuse Pilates® started in 2005 as a group mat Pilates class at Flow Yoga Center and quickly became one of Washington, DC’s favorite fitness offerings. As classes soared in popularity, we expanded the method to offer a unique, fun, and effective twist on group apparatus classes. Each class concentrates on developing functional and balanced strength and flexibility, shaping beautifully toned physiques in the process.

Every class begins with the question “What do you want to work on today?” This ensures that each Fuse class is different from the last because our classes are driven by your request. Regardless of the focus, we’ll still work all 360 degrees of you, front to back, top to bottom.

We want you to have fun, work hard, and see results!

Although the Fuse method of mat, reformer, and chair classes are intense, they’re still approachable for beginners. All students should take class at his or her own pace. Remember, there are no grades or judgment; work for your best, strongest body.

The Fuse Pilates Playground is located in DC’s trendy Logan Circle neighborhood. This urban oasis features a comfortable lounge, changing areas, bathrooms, two group apparatus studios, a group mat studio, and two private studios complete with reformers, towers, Cadillac, barrels, chair, props, great music, motivating teachers, and amazing students.

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