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Neuroscience and Exercise

Pilates is considered mind-body exercise. But what does that really mean? In this enlightening workshop, Pilates teacher (and MS patient) Mariska Breland will take you through a basic understanding of the central nervous system, the role of sensory and motor systems to control and refine movement, the fascinating phenomenon of mirror neurons, brain maps, and the homunculus, and how our growing understanding of neuroplasticity is a game-changer for movement professionals and exercisers alike. Specific applications and exercises will be included for working with neurological conditions and brain injury, but the understanding of how to truly harness the power of the mind-body connection can improve the performance of any student or athlete. Take the class anytime on Pilates Anytime... anytime! Preview workshop chapters here. New to Pilates Anytime? Try it out for 30 days free! Check out the workshop trailer below: Testimonials: "Mariska has so much knowledge and experience to share, this workshop was fascinating and informative. It was like reading a good book that I couldn't put down, I was completely glued to it to the end." - Natalie, Pilates teacher "Learning about Neuroplasticity and how physical exercise can help rewire and heal the brain was fascinating! I feel much more confident to work with not only my client who has MS but also my clients who suffer from other neurological disorders as a result of Parkinsons and Strokes." - Rachel, Pilates instructor

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