A Departure from Gym Memberships: A three-part hypothesis on money, masses and things that matter

I haven’t paid for a gym membership since the early part of this millennium. Am I cheap? Well, sort of. I prefer to say I’m Dutch, which is just a fancy word for frugal. Sure, I might rinse and reuse Ziploc bags because it seems wasteful not to, but there are more concrete reasons why I don't have a gym membership. And, yes, top of the list has to do with money. iStock_000014152643Small-300x198The only thing I was using regularly was the sauna.  In all practicality, $120 per month didn’t seem worth the price to sit in a very small, very hot wooden room wearing a tiny, threadbare gym towel. For the same price, I could buy half of a Lululemon outfit and wear it until it was threadbare. Or, I could also take the money saved and download a lot of music.  I could put the money toward the various vet visits required by my accident-prone Basenji (I do love her!) I could go in for my biannual haircut and still have money left for sushi afterward. The point is, I could get a lot more for my money by just paying for the kinds of things I enjoy doing… and then actually showing up to do them. (Refer to shopping, eating sushi, and taking care of my dog.) So, that’s my stance on the money side of gym memberships.  Whether or not the economy is starting to recover, the thought of my precious dollars going toward monthly gym dues will just not do (pun intended) Next up: Individual Gym Membership…for the Masses, but not for me. Stay hardcore, Mariska

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  1. Clare K says:

    I got really tired of the smell. And the fact that the my choice of scenery was Wolf Blitzer (blorch) or watching dudes pick up heavy things and put them back down. If I want to watch tv, I could go to my house, and if I wanted to watch dudes, I would hang out in front of the local fire station.

  2. Heather says:

    This is exactly why I ditched my Wash Sports Club membership. I never even used the sauna. And yes, the smell….