A Departure From Gym Memberships: Part Three

Ever since I banished my gym membership (or more accurately, said goodbye to my sauna), I’ve focused my fitness attention on what matters to me: a great workout with the kind of results I want, obtained in an environment where I actually want to spend my valuable time. At most gyms, the classes didn’t cut it for me. I wanted more than cardio-focused and dumb-bell driven workouts (which anyone can figure out on their own thanks to fitness magazines and common sense). And I found it frustrating when gyms added fees for classes like Pilates reformer and charged more than those classes cost at a specialty Pilates studio. Not to mention, the Pilates equipment gyms have are usually poor quality (Note: if you can fold up the reformer or roll it away, it’s probably junk…no offense, QVC). So where’s a gal or guy to go? Many gym members buy multiple memberships around town to meet their body’s dynamic needs. They’ll go to one place for a yoga class, and down the street for personal training at a smaller gym and then to another type of studio for toning exercises. Half the workout is just getting from place to place. iStock_000006887570Small-208x300Personalization matters, but hope is not lost. Multiple memberships don’t need to be the trend of the future. The Fuse Pilates Playground has been more than 6 years in the making. We’ve been searching for space large enough to fit our needs for over a year and a half. With the opening of the Fuse Pilates Playground next week, we are creating a location, offerings, and workout philosophy that challenge the five basic elements of physical fitness – all the things the different gyms and fitness regimens are supposed to stand for– but delivered in a way that will evolve with your abilities. As you grow stronger and get in better shape, we’ll be right there challenging you to be your best self – mind, body, and nutrition. At the Fuse Pilates Playground, we are dedicated to core-based, Pilates-inspired workouts… period. What does that mean? Several things… First, our teachers are required to maintain a personal practice, and each has a significant number of training hours under his or her belt before they teach at Fuse Pilates. Second, our workouts are not just traditional Pilates. Instead, Fuse Pilates infuses a range of techniques from yoga, dance, strength training, barre, and Pilates, to produce real results. Cardiovascular? Check – try Jump Interval. Or up your intensity in any Fuse class. Flexibility? All of our classes lengthen muscles.  Springs stretch muscles at the same time as they strengthen them.  Stretch classes focus on it. Strength? Yep. Any class will do. Balance training? Chair and Circuit have you covered. Core stability? That’s what Fuse Pilates is all about. Finally, it’s not referred to as “The Fuse Pilates Playground” for nothing. Yes, we cover the elements of fitness, including nutrition support, but we love to have a good time too. You’ll see that our instructors and students are energetic, welcoming, laugh easily, and all about having a good time. Fuse Pilates is about positive mental health too! Can we be everything to everyone? Possibly not. At least not yet. But we’ll try. I’m still hoping to add “drop-in” sauna and steam room classes. I just have to convince my business partners that we don’t really need the boiler room... Stay hardcore, Mariska    

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  1. Heather says:

    Sounds like the Fuse Pilates Playground is going to be ALL that AND a bag of chips (or something more healthy!) At least we really don’t need the sauna or steam room until winter!