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There are times in a girl’s life when she focuses on her appearance more than others: a party where her ex will be bringing his new girlfriend, a job interview, every single day of high school, and, of course, her wedding.
Fuse Pilates has met some of our favorite students in preparation for their walk down the aisle. In fact, after my own wedding, I decided to focus my personal training efforts on brides-to-be. Why? They’re the best kind of student – they’re motivated. And, when you ask them what they want to work on in class or a private session, they’re never at a loss for ideas (arms and upper back – we get it). Fuse Pilates is the perfect workout for wedding prep. First of all, unlike traditional personal training, we don’t make you pick up tires or run through them. We’re more civilized than that (not to mention respectful of a good manicure). Second, we can help you design your body exactly the way you want it to look for your wedding – long, lean, and toned. As someone who always struggled super-skinny stick-like arms, I understand what exercises actually work to build coveted tricep and shoulder definition that’s enough to be feminine, but not too much as to make you look like the husband-to-be. So, at the new Fuse Pilates Playground, we’re bringing the Bridal Bootcamp back. In our bridal package, we start off with a private session where we discuss the dress and design a strategy to build your body to best complement the dress. Strapless? Cap-sleeve? Backless? We give you 6 months of unlimited classes – including reformer, chair, and mat. We check in with another private session mid-way. And, then we end with a small group class for you and your bridal party. But if the price of our bridal package is too much or your big day is too soon, our mat classes alone can help get you wedding ready. We recently designed a photo campaign to promote our bridal offerings for ads on the Knot and the Wedding Channel (look for us there... yes - there are discounts). In case you're wondering, yes, that’s me, and yes, that’s my dress (from two and a half years ago, which still fits – thanks to Fuse). I was always looking for a reason to wear it again…. biceps-wedding-camerabag-940x632 We asked some of our past brides to tell us about what Fuse did for them: Kate House Previti – Wedding June 2011 After I got engaged in January of 2010, I returned to DC and knew it was time to hit the gym…hard. Just like every bride-to-be, I wanted to look absolutely fabulous for my wedding day. I wasn’t dissatisfied with how I looked per se, but I definitely needed to tone, tighten, and shed some pounds. So I diligently hit the gym every chance I could. I used the elliptical, I ran on the treadmill, I did crunches (and fell off many a medicine ball) and lifted weights. By May, I was completely disheartened because I looked like I did in January, but I had man shoulders. Also, I was hopelessly bored with going to the gym and needed something different to renew my dedication to getting fit and fabulous. Here’s a picture of me after 6 months at the gym.   kate-before-210x300 I had heard a lot about Pilates, and my best friend who was married that year credited Pilates for her lean physique. I tried a Pilates class at my gym, but we spent 30 minutes rolling like a ball (yes, I love this exercise, but not for 30 minutes) and then just stretched for the last 30 minutes. But then one afternoon, I overheard someone at Whole Foods praising something called Fuse Pilates and its “booty blast” music, so of course I was curious. Two days later, I sat in the farthest corner of a Fuse class at Flow Yoga Center and found that “something different” (and then some) that I was looking for in my workouts and began a year-long bridal shape-up courtesy of Fuse Pilates. Over the last year, I have attended Fuse classes 3-5 times a week at its various locations throughout DC. It became a part of my daily routine that I looked forward to. I said goodbye to the gym and in doing so, I discovered muscles I didn’t know existed and developed definition in all of those trouble spots I had previously deemed a lost cause. Most importantly, I enjoy it. (And my fiancé did, too). I actually look forward to the classes because (gasp) they are fun – between the legendary playlists and the humor of the instructors, a Fuse class is always a good time. Planning a wedding can be stressful, so I used my Fuse workouts as an opportunity to relieve stress and regroup during times when I was in danger of becoming Bridezilla. I was lucky that in the month preceding the wedding, the Fuse Playground opened, and I had a wide variety of amazing classes to choose from as I amped up my workouts. I have never grown bored and always feel challenged with every class I take. It’s funny how Fuse also spills over to other parts of your life. I run faster, I have a stronger tennis game, I maintain a healthier diet, and I even have better posture that decades of my mother telling me to stand up straight could never fix. Someone joked recently that I could tone down my workouts now that the wedding is over, but they simply didn’t understand: Fuse Pilates was not just a short-term fix so I would look great in my wedding dress, but the beginning of a long-term plan to stay fit and healthy. I was very nervous the morning of my wedding so one of my bridesmaids (a fellow Fuse devotee) suggested that I hit the hotel gym and do my own Fuse workout to calm my nerves. She was absolutely right, and I returned for hair and makeup with butterflies and excitement, but also with great confidence. I thank Fuse Pilates and its wonderful instructors for helping me to feel like the most beautiful girl in the world on my wedding day.   kate-after-199x300Kara Steinhart Paulson - Wedding in 2010 With six months to go, I wanted to do everything I could to make sure I'd look my best on my big day. I had been taking Fuse Pilates classes for a couple of years and decided to step it up a notch with Bridal Boot Camp. We started out by discussing the dress, as Mariska wanted to focus the sessions on working out the body parts that would be most visibly on display. Needless to say that on my wedding day, my arms had never looked more toned. The sessions were challenging, but really fun. I highly recommend it for brides-to-be who want to look and feel amazing! 24322_420448664967_571034967_5285773_2458830_n-200x300Marissa Bohrer Leffler - Wedding May 2011 Fuse Pilates completely transformed my body.  Where I was once flabby, I am now toned.  And I feel great.  On my wedding day, my Fuse body gave me the confidence I needed to don a strapless dress (my arch nemesis) and not even flinch when all eyes were upon me.  I pretty much hate all forms of exercise, but even post-wedding I can't seem to get enough of Fuse. marissa-before-208x300 marissa-after-300x199We’re happy to say we still see Kate, Kara, and Marissa in class several times a week. We haven’t lost the brides who came to us to get ready for their weddings. In fact, we have several of them, including Kara, in our prenatal classes now. The best workout is the one you’ll stick with, and the one that can evolve with you – keeping you healthy and fit for all of the stages of your life. Stay hard core, Mariska

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