Why (Fuse) Pilates? Part 1: It’s Not Boring

Have you ever had an imaginary argument with someone (probably a significant other, that bully in high school, your parents, siblings, or your boss)? It’s the perfect way to fight. You don’t accidentally start crying from anger or frustration, thus appearing weak and un-cool. You get to get all of your points across before the other person interrupts, walks away, breaks up with you, yells, laughs in your face, or you wimp out and don’t say what you want to say. It’s imaginary, so in your mind, you’re also having a really good hair day and wearing an awesome new outfit. iStock_000016958627Small-300x199I consider myself the master of the imagined argument, so instead of writing a typical blog, I thought I would just let you inside one of my arguments (we’ll call it a discussion) for a brief moment. While being inside my head can be a very scary place, I’ll try to limit the amount of crazy you’re exposed to. Over the course of the next couple of blog posts, I will mentally spar with a variety of people who think Pilates isn’t for them.
“Ugh, Mariska, Pilates is sooooo boring.”
There was a time when I could not have agreed more. The first Pilates class I took was painful. Not in a “feel the burn” kind of way – more in a “is it over yet?” way. Looking back, though, I know I hated it not because of what Pilates is but because of a bad teacher who taught a choppy class filled with starts and stops, who tripped over her words, and failed to challenge me – even as out of shape as I was at the time. So, my guess is that if you think Pilates is boring, you probably took a bad Pilates class, and there are plenty of those out there. Maybe you tried a video, and exercise videos are often uninspiring. You could have been surrounded by boring people. But, Pilates with a good teacher, in a good environment, isn’t boring at all. While we think Fuse is more fun than traditional Pilates (and by the reviews our students give us, they do, too), “boring” can mostly be attributed to a bad teacher or a repetitive class where you never grow because you always know what's coming next. A good teacher can make even the most traditional Pilates work interesting by throwing in plenty of challenges. And, Fuse Pilates is designed to fight boredom with awesome music mixes, intense challenges, witty teachers, and lots and lots of variety. No two classes are the same = not boring. In today’s culture, a lot is boring. Some true titans of tedium: - Waiting for Comcast to show up within the 4 hour window they gave you - Meditating (though some people tell me that’s the point) - Watching someone else play video games - Your significant other’s family reunion - The DMV - When you’re on hold, and they’re experiencing a “high call volume.” If you think Pilates is dull, we encourage you to give Fuse a try. We have specials for newcomers because we’re convinced it only takes one class to change your mind. After all, you’re reading a blog about Pilates, so chances are, you’re at least a little intrigued. But, to keep the conversation going, what makes you think a class isn't boring?

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