Fall is for DOING…

I was originally going to write this post for the sole purpose of encouraging and persuading you and your friends to sign up for this Saturday’s Fuse for Runners workshop with me and Tori.  Actually, I’m still doing that, but my focus is different now with the recent time shift, which has me thinking of change and transformation. Autumn is for change.  For most of us, those in California excluded (yes, there are negatives to living in California!), it brings a change in colors, a change in temperature and a change in clothing. The transition from summer to winter has night and morning arriving earlier.  It throws us all for a loop for a couple of days. Confession: I have freaked out 4 times in the past 3 days thinking I was late or early or dreaming. That’s normal, right? Some of us are already bracing for the inevitably cold and dark winter that lies ahead. I’ve heard people be excited about this gorgeous weather we are having but follow that with scared comments about the cold winter to come. Can we embrace this period of change instead of dreading it and starting to pile on the layers as it gets colder? This time of year has a lot of us constantly looking forward. We’re looking forward to Thanksgiving. Then looking forward to the holidays. Then looking forward to New Years. This isn’t bad, but if we’re always looking forward, we’re not as present. Here is my challenge to you: embrace this period of change and transformation between summer and winter. That’s what fall is for: transformation. For peeling back the layers, not for piling them on. It’s for opening yourself up to new things, new people.  To things that might just let winter be that more bearable when it comes along. It’s not just for imagining. It’s for DOING. Give yourself some love by setting up healthy habits. Eat well. Drink Water. Move (preferably at Fuse Pilates). Over at Fuse, it’s called a playground for a reason. So this Fall (and I guess we have only about a month left), come join us for some play time. Start this Saturday with me and Tori. We’re pumped to play for 2 hours during the workshop. Depending on whether you are competitive, aloof or mellow: I challenge you, dare you and nudge you to sign up for the 2 hours of challenging and restorative exercises that will be part of the Fuse Pilates for Runners workshop this Saturday from 3:30-5:30. Whether you’re a runner or not, we’ll take time and energy to peel back your kinks through joint exercises, muscle strengthening work and stretching. You’ll leave feeling calm and energized... yes, both are possible and what better time of year to focus your energy on yourself for 2 hours. The people around you will thank you too! Then try a new class. Try a new teacher. Try a new time. The worst that happens is you don’t like it. You can always go back to your previous routine, but you’ll be stronger for having given yourself that challenge. And let’s be honest. We need to peel back the layers. Physically and metaphorically. Because this winter will be cold and we’ll need room for the snuggly sweaters, scarves and hats! Keep growing and stay hard core, Allegra

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