Movember – Let’s Hear it for the Boys

Mustaches have come a long way since my high school boyfriend proudly sported peach fuzz until his Mom demanded he shave it off for his senior portraits. Looking back, it really did look terrible. 

But over the years, some men have really worked the 'stache - Tom Selleck, Burt Reynolds, and most recently, James Franco. But, sometimes, men are really working it - wearing a mustache as their version of a "pink ribbon" - for male cancer awareness. Fuse teacher Jocelyn Murray started Fuse's relationship with Movember last year. We asked Jocelyn why this cause was so important to her.  

But first, let's check out some epic entries in the Mustache Hall of Fame:burtreynoldbandit-300x300brimley1-295x300

  ron_burgundy-282x300 tom-selleck-242x300 francostache-199x300 mustache-4-300x252mustache-19-300x1831. Why should men try Pilates?  The real answer is: everyone should try Pilates. It is fantastic exercise for all populations: men, women, the elderly, dancers, football players, yogis, everybody. I'm not sure why there is a misconception that Pilates is for women. Joseph Pilates was a man and initially developed his exercises for men in an internment camp. His methods prevented them from getting sick during an outbreak of influenza in the camp. Pilates went on to help inmates in the hospital who were weak and ill. It was many years later that he began to work with dancers, both male and female. Pilates can help men in the same ways that it helps others, by strengthening the core, correcting muscle imbalances, improving posture and creating a strong, toned physique. Fuse takes that up a notch (or three) by choreographing to music and adding in our own exercises on top of the traditional ones. 2. How did Fuse become involved with Movember? I became involved in Movember through my friend, Lee Cheyne, who has been growing a mustache and holding Movember events for a few years. The cause is near to my heart because my grandfather survived cancer when I was a child. Unfortunately, several of his brothers did not. It has also affected several of my friends. A good friend's father passed away from the disease and two other friends’ fathers are currently undergoing treatments now. Like most illnesses, it affects not only men, but their friends and family as well, so it is important to help find a cure and spread the word about detection and treatment. Movember is a fun way to bring about awareness and raise money for research and education. During the month of November, men across the country grow mustaches and have events to raise funds for the cause. Because I cannot grow a mustache (thank goodness!!) I wanted to figure out a way to give back. During my Fuse mat training, I was teaching free classes for friends and family. I thought why not use my skills to support something that meant so much to me and could help so many. So Lee and I began planning the first Movember Fuse Pilates donation class. Lululemon graciously donated the space above their Georgetown store and we invited everyone we knew and raised as much money as we could for the cause. The class, which I taught while wearing a fake mustache, was fun and brought many new and old students to the mat. I don't think there has ever been a Fuse class filled with so much laughter. It gave me the opportunity to not only support Movember, but to introduce Fuse Pilates style to many new people and help them improve their physical fitness. 3. Why is it important to give back?   Now that Fuse Pilates has its own studio, it was a no brainer that we would host a Movember event. It is a great cause and a good opportunity to give back to the community. Anytime that we can help support our community we will gladly do so in whatever way we can. Hopefully, we can raise even more money this year, bring some new people in the world of Pilates, give people a fun workout and bring awareness about cancers that affect men. So there's the why. How about the when? Join Jocelyn and the Mo' Bros on Sundays, November 20 and December 4 at 5:30 p.m. for $10 donation classes for Movember.  Sign up on our class scheduler.  

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