“5 Reasons I Choose to Fuse (Pilates)”

This post was written by a Fuse Pilates friend and Ambassador, Avery Gordon*. You can find her most Monday nights in Clare’s Toys class or in Allegra's Sunday afternoon class. A self-proclaimed “former workout cheater,” Avery tells you her take on Fuse in the post below. Don’t take it from us why Fuse works, listen to a real student. *Avery was in no way forced, cajoled, or held against her will when writing this article.  I have a habit of making lists.
  • I make daily to-do lists, weekly to-do lists, and overall life to-do lists.
  • When I am making a decision, I list out the pros and cons.
  • When I am having issues with a friend, I write out a list of things I am feeling and possible solutions.
  • Sometimes I even find myself listing out comparisons in my head about something as menial as tofu vs. chicken for my post-Pilates meal at Shophouse (amazing addition to the Fuse neighborhood).

Fuse Pilates class? Check.

Some might consider this a little obsessive compulsive, which I understand—but it definitely works for me. Listing helps me support my own decisions and solve problems effectively, so I’ll continue to do it. You may or may not have read one of my earlier blog posts about why I think mat class at Fuse is so great. Either way, I’ll recap in a sentence or two. I had a very difficult time choosing a long term, interesting, and effective exercise routine. I chose Fuse Pilates because it blew the others out of the water. The pros are numerous and I’m always adding more to my list. The only con I can think of is that I can’t go every day (thank you, work schedule). Because this post would be way too long if I named them all, I’m going to list the top five reasons I chose Fuse Pilates. The top 5 reasons I “Choose to Fuse,” in no particular order: 1. Tone, Tone, Tone. If you have any interest in fitness (or are just dreaming up ways to get toned without real exercise), then you’ve probably researched extensively and heard many different things. “Pump weights because more muscle will naturally burn off all of your fat!” “Don’t work out on consecutive days because it won’t help you tone up at all!” I used to solely use the elliptical since I heard that cardio is what women need and any strength training will make them bulky. I don’t know what is actually true to be honest with you, but after I found Fuse I don’t think about it too much anymore. My whole life, I’ve been trying to get a nice tone to my muscles and nothing has worked—that is until Fuse. There is no possible way that anyone could ever attend Fuse classes and not see results almost immediately. The Fuse method targets so many different muscle groups that you might not even know what you’re working on during a particular exercise until the next day when your muscle is rock hard. It’s nice to have a routine that targets everything, and not just a specific region—think “30 minute abs” class at your local gym. 2. Work Hard, Play Hard. The Fuse Pilates Playground environment is awesome. When my day is not going so well or if I’m not really in the mood to work out, I can tell myself with confidence that I’ll feel better after Fuse. For one, the instructors are great. Classes are always lighthearted and peppered with funny jokes (if you’ve been to class you may have heard the instructors refer to the butt/thigh region as the “thass” or “bu-thigh” as Clare would prefer). The fun nature of Fuse makes it sustainable for me, and it picks up my mood every time I go. I’m not exaggerating when I say that my boyfriend often begs me to sign up for a class when I’m…shall we say…not being the ball of sunshine he would hope for. 3. Constant Availability. It’s a workout that you can always do—rain, shine, snowmageddon, “wintry mix,” whatever it might be. For me, it is important to have a workout that I can always do regardless of the weather or the season. For example, I did try my hand at long distance running for a short while, but as soon as the temperature dipped below 60 my commitment to it dipped as well. 4. The Bore Stops Here. The very nature of Fuse Pilates allows it to never become boring. The repertoire of exercises that Fuse has is expansive and always changing. Every time you attend a class at Fuse, it’s different. I like to compare it to snowflakes: no two are the same. I’m not a huge fan of the whole watch-the-minutes-count-down-until-you’re-done thing that I’ve experienced with many of my past workout attempts. When class is over at the Playground, I often find myself confused about how it could have gone by that quickly. 5. There Is No Evidence That…Oh, Wait, Yes There Is. Fuse Pilates is great for me because I can see myself clearly improving over time. This does not just refer to the fact that I have become better at holding a plank since I’ve started working out there. I’ve also seen myself improve in other ways aside from my strength. I have become more toned—I actually have biceps and abs. I have also found myself improving mentally. Before Fuse, I often would look for the easy way out of things, such as hiding in the back of the room so that no one could see me cutting corners on crunches. Now, I really focus on myself and how I can improve. I realized through Fuse that cutting corners was only cheating myself out of the benefits of exercise. And yes, I’m actually so proud of myself that I can now hold a plank for much longer than I used to. With this workout, improvement is visible, which is perfect for me because I’ll always want to come back for more if I can see results. Long story short, Fuse is a great workout for so many reasons (or at the very least, five reasons). Try it out, and I guarantee you’ll be making your own list soon enough.  

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  1. Kim Mobley says:

    Do you think there is a Fuze Pliales in New York? Sounds great!

  2. Mariska Breland says:

    Hi Kim – We’re not in NYC yet, though we have a couple of Fuse trained teachers there. We’ll post on our Facebook page and in our newsletter if we get classes up and running there. Stay tuned!