To Cleanse or Not to Cleanse (Part 1)

Fuse teacher Allegra Poggio chronicled her journey from detox-curious to detox die-hard: I’m Italian. I like espresso. Focaccia. Pasta. Cheese. Pizza. Wine. I like long meals with friends and family. When I’m with my family it Italy, I’m used to organizing days around when certain meals are going to happen.

Pasta. Yum.

I have never been one to practice diets. Or follow trends. I don’t care that juice cleanses are all the rage or neon is really in this spring. If it doesn’t feel natural or look good, why get into it just because everybody’s talking about it? With the cleanse craze – and yes, it’s a craze – I feel the same way. I always felt relatively healthy, so why would I do it? Because you don’t know what you don’t know. When Fuse Pilates’ resident health coach Ginny Johnson first offered a detox workshop, I was curious and signed up. At first, I started out thinking I’d just go to the workshop. And if you do just that and nothing else, you’ll get a wealth of information that will empower you to move forward toward a healthier lifestyle. But Ginny had also developed a detox cleanse and encouraged us to try it. I didn’t jump on that quite as readily. The cleanse is 21 days, and I was hesitant. 21 days of anything seemed like a long time. Unless it’s 21 days of the beach. Or 21 days of Downton Abbey. Or 21 days on a Fuse Pilates reformer machine. Then I realized that there is no coffee and no alcohol. And it felt longer. My heart plunged a bit. My espresso maker shed a tear and my bottle of Barolo at home whined. However, the more I listened to Ginny during the workshop, the more I realized that there were was much I still needed to learn about being healthy. In 21 days, you clean your body out and then slowly add foods back in to learn about how your body interacts with different food types. I figured I had several bad habits that I could expel from my routine and potentially learn from so I decided to go for it. Armed with a group of other cleansers, a private Facebook group to connect to each other on, Ginny’s amazing daily emails chock full of motivation, information and support, and a wealth of recipes, we were off. I could provide you with a day-to-day journal of what happened, but we would definitely be treading the TMI line and you’d be reading this for days. Just know this: You get to eat. You get to cook. You can socialize. You learn more about food, nutrition, sleep, mood and most importantly YOU than you ever knew. Come back tomorrow to read about the cleanse experience... and why you should do it. Ah the suspense! Stay hard core and well-fed, Allegra

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