Fuse Pilates or Happy Hour?

What's your definition of happy hour?

How do you define happy hour? For Fuse student Gina Scarpulla, it's not what it used to be: My friends often look confused when I tell them that I can’t come to Happy Hour because I am going to go to my Tuesday night Fuse Pilates class. “Skip it- it’s just exercise. Socializing is way more fun.” Well, for me, my Fuse classes are my Happy Hour. I grew up in a dance studio, where I got to know the girls that I took class with night after night. We danced together, performed together and became great friends in the process. College and a knee injury put distance between the girls who were my friends and who I danced with. I had to find other forms of exercise. I tried the gym, but found that I didn’t like the environment. No one talked to each other (unless it was the creepy guy trying to hit on you) and no one seemed to be having a good time with the people around them (unless it was THAT lady who frequented the gym every day and seemed to know everyone.). I know that socializing and exercising together aren’t for everyone, but I really missed it. Enter Fuse Pilates. The minute you walk into the studio, you feel welcomed and a part of something. Then you get to know the other students. They are some of the most fun, energetic and wonderful people that I have met in DC. Walking into Fuse Pilates’ Dupont studio feels like walking into a friend’s house. There’s someone there to greet you with a smile on their face, people reading magazines and chatting about their day. Friendships seem to develop naturally at Fuse and sometimes over a wide variety of things: Game of Thrones, Hunger Games, detoxes, bootcamps or a mutual loathing for one-legged shoulder bridges. The friends I have made at Fuse are unlike a lot of other friendships I’ve seen around DC. They aren’t based on what kind of clothing you wear, how much money you make or how many shots you can take. These are people who genuinely care about people and their well being. Fuse teachers often say to new students that there is no judgment in class and that translates outside the studio as well. The people that go to Fuse are positive and accepting and are great to grab a green smoothie with outside of class. There are many friendships that form at Fuse and I hear many students saying they feel like they’ve known each other forever. So for me, my Fuse classes are my happy hour... although there is the occasional post-Fuse happy hour :). Healthy cocktails anyone? Your new workout buddies are waiting to meet you and grab some Sweetgreen after the next Fuse class. See what classes are lined up today!  And have you met your bestie at Fuse? We want to hear all about it!

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