Hard Core Fitness Marketing

I appreciate when marketing advertisements use fit people (instead of super-skinny models who probably can't do a pushup). I love when they show actual elements of hard-core-ness of which those fit people are capable. Check out this pic from Zobha's home page.

Oh, if I were only single...

Another company that does a great job of showing people who clearly actually do the workouts for which they're selling clothes is Athleta.

I would totally buy that outfit if it meant I could do that!

I don't ski, but I feel like I could look cute if I did ski. That's effective marketing.

Hardtail Forever, marketed mainly to yogis, shows some hardcore moves in their ads.
Pretty cool, Hardtail.
Keep it hardcore, marketing peeps! (Except that you make me want to buy more fitness clothes, which my husband can assure you is totally unnecessary.) Mariska

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