A Year of Fuse Pilates

When we asked for student posts to add to the blog, we received this lovely little gem from long-time student Gina Scarpulla - reflecting on the birthday of the Fuse Pilates Playground: Happy 1 year anniversary to Fuse Pilates’s DuPont Circle studio! It’s hard to believe that only a year ago I was walking into the studio for the first time. Looking back, I remember just how much the studio has impacted my life over the past year. I always considered myself healthy and active. In college, I could eat almost whatever I wanted and still stay in great shape. As I transitioned in the working world, I was sitting more, eating out more and exercising less. I worked two jobs and found little time to eat as healthy as I wanted and almost no time to have a regular fitness routine. There were also some personal things that happened in my life that contributed to eating more and working out less. Before I knew it, I wasn’t feeling as healthy as I used to. I needed to get a grip on this before it became overwhelming. I had been to Fuse classes when they were at Flow Yoga, but I never had a regular routine. When I was invited to participate in the pre-opening classes for the new fitness studio, I knew that this was my chance to really start over. No excuses this time. I still have some goals to meet, but in the past year I have become stronger, more focused, more aware of my body and how diet and exercise affect it. Fuse Pilates has not only been a place to tone up, it’s also been a place that has given me mental clarity and friendship. I notice a change in the way I handle stress now as well. I was recently laid off from an amazing job, and in the past, I would’ve reached for a glass of wine or some pizza. Instead, the first thing I wanted to do was go to Fuse. During my unemployment, Fuse Pilates helped keep my spirits up and allowed me not to get sucked back into bad habits. (Although I still eat pizza and drink wine, just in moderation.) Whether you are looking for something to add to your workouts or to start a new routine, I cannot recommend Fuse enough. Fuse Pilates is more than just a workout and more than a fitness studio. It has been nothing but a positive force in my life and I know it will be in yours too. - Gina You can find Gina at Fuse several evenings per week and most Saturday mornings, when she meets up with instructor Laci and other friends she met at the Playground.  

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