As we enter DC wedding season, we were wondering, does “bride-orexia” really exist? It’s gotten plenty of media attention recently. A Cornell University study, published in the journal Appetite, shows that while extreme weight loss may not be the rule among brides, it certainly happens. Some weight loss is common with brides – whether it’s through diet, exercise, or the stress of having to deal with new mothers-in-law or seating charts.

How thin is too thin for your wedding?

But how extreme is this weight loss? Of the 272 brides surveyed…
  • Approximately 70% wanted to lose a significant amount of weight. The average was 23 lbs.
  • These women had lost only a fraction of the weight (8 lbs on average) in time for their weddings.
  • Most women planned to lose weight through healthy methods: drinking more water, eating less, eating foods with fewer calories, and aerobic exercise.
  • About 25% of women resorted to “extreme behaviors” to lose weight. These included smoking, taking diet pills, skipping meals, or using crash diets.
  • Around 14% of brides actually bought wedding gowns smaller than their current body sizes.(Don’t they know you can get them altered?
Fuse Pilates has always had a strong relationship with brides-to-be. Our fitness classes and bridal bootcamp package has prepped many a bride for her walk down the aisle. But strong and slim is far different from weak and skinny.  To check out some of our bridal success stories, read our blog post on Bridal Bootcamp.
To read more about Brideorexia, check out the rest of this article in a blog post we did for the Plunge Project.
Stay hard core (but be smart about it),

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