Fuse Pilates for Post-Baby Bod

Fuse Pilates has a lot of pregnant students these days (If you want a special class for prenatal, email info@fusepilates.com to find out more). After the baby, what should you expect? Long time Fuse student (and mother of two) Lindsey Markwood tells her story:

Speaking from experience, we at Fuse can say that our students have exceptionally cute kids. Check out Lindsey with her two little ones.

My son just turned 4 and my daughter is currently 11-months-old. I started taking Fuse Pilates with Mariska at Flow Yoga Center when my son was a few months old. I have been an avid runner and yogi for many years, but had never stuck with Pilates because traditional Pilates always seemed a little boring. I decided to try Fuse Pilates because although I felt in good shape, I realized the yoga I was doing regularly was great for my arms, shoulders and back, but not as productive in targeting my abs or glutes. Post-baby—I definitely needed a workout that targeted my core. The first few weeks of doing Fuse Pilates once or twice a week, I realized that if anything was going to get my stomach back to pre-baby form, Fuse was it. I loved the classes instantly because after a couple of months, I could tell a difference in my body—not only in my core, but in my glutes and thighs as well. I also always left class feeling strong and balanced instead of beaten up and exhausted as some power yoga classes I'd been taking often left me feeling. This is not to say I don't love yoga, I do. For me, alternating between the two works best. Specifically as a mom, there are several reasons I am a huge proponent of Fuse Pilates:
  • You can get a good workout in in under an hour. Anyone that has children knows that finding time alone to exercise can be one of the biggest challenges of motherhood.
  • I love that there are 8 p.m. classes because often that is the only time of day I can get to a class. I've put the kids to bed and my husband commits to making it home one weeknight per week by 7:30 p.m.
  • The classes are always different, the music is upbeat and the studio is clean and pretty.
By the time you start ruminating about feeling guilty for leaving the kids with a sitter or your husband, you are done with class and on your way. I also don't know of any other workout that can salvage your abs from the wear-and-tear of pregnancy better than Pilates. After having both of my children, I lost the actual baby weight pretty quickly. I attribute that mostly to breastfeeding, exercising safely during both pregnancies, and walking with the stroller quickly thereafter. However, there isn't enough running, elliptical or yoga in the world that will pull your stomach back in like Fuse Pilates. Doing it helped to bring back my waist and pre-baby shape fast. Barring some major surgery, my belly button will always be crooked and my breasts smaller and lower than in my pre-baby life—sadly Fuse cannot help with all the effects of a post-baby bod. But my stomach and butt are probably better now than pre-babies and I attribute that to committing to Fuse Pilates once or twice a week, every week, since my daughter was about 10 weeks old.

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