Is Pilates the Skinny Girls’ Exercise?

Is Pilates the "skinny girl's exercise"? Fuse Pilates student Liz Mahar offers up her thoughts on why Fuse Pilates can be part of anyone's healthy lifestyle. 

I always considered myself an active individual who enjoyed exercising and trying new forms of exercise. Physically, years of a bad back and lack of core strength made Pilates very intimidating to me. Mentally, I viewed Pilates as the "skinny girls'" go-to exercise. Enter Fuse Pilates’ fitness studio in Dupont Circle and those assumptions have completely gone out the window for me. Not only has a consistent Pilates routine helped strengthen my core, which has benefitted all of my activities, but also in the past year I’ve taken advantage of Fuse’s holistic approach to health. The diversity in the classes (from mat to reformer and yes, even chair) has encouraged me to try new things and drive me outside of my comfort zone. Each class pushes me in a different way and helps me become stronger. The instructors are all lively, welcoming, and the music during class keeps me pumped even when holding a difficult teaser or pushing through the roll-ups. Through the group cleanses at Fuse, I’ve been able to integrate healthy and clean eating habits in my daily diet, which has helped me manage stress better. Although eating during business trips still remains challenging, I always have the lessons and strategies I learned through these group cleanses to rely on when I’m facing any of these trials. So, I no longer view Pilates as the “skinny girl” exercise, but rather part of a “healthy girl” lifestyle. Being hardcore comes in all different shapes and sizes. My experience at Fuse has made Pilates fun and provided me with a haven that helps me re-set any unhealthy habits in my life. For the first time in my life, I’ll be running in a half-marathon—something I never thought I’d be able to do with my back issues. I credit Fuse Pilates for making me a healthier and stronger person this past year. - Liz Do you also think of Pilates as a skinny girl's workout? Have you ever thought that skinny doesn't actually equal healthy? Check out this blog post on Skinny Fat to learn the real definition of healthy - one we think Liz has described well! And, to learn more about our nutrition and holistic health services, email us at

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