Fight Fatigue and Get Happy

You’ve sworn that you’re finally going to get back into shape. Sure, you’ve said it before, and it hasn’t worked out. You’re busy with work and kids (often that’s the same thing). You have to make dinner (breakfast, lunch, snacks) or run the kids (husband, mother, in-law, yourself) to the doctor (game, daycare, meeting). People often ask me if I work out every day. I created a fitness brand, after all. I work at a Pilates studio that offers more than 60 classes/week. I even have a second studio in my house. So, the answer? Of course not. I face the same issues/constraints/challenges that everyone else does, but the number one thing keeping me from working out? I’m kinda tired. A lot of the time. I work 60+ hours a week (teaching, working on studio stuff, plus freelance work and a lot of writing). My typical day starts around 8 a.m. and ends around 9 p.m. Although I have no children of my own, I do have an adorable 2 year old nephew and I can tell you after just a couple of hours alone with him, I’m ready to put myself down for a nap. So, I can imagine how tiring it is to have kids full-time. Fatigue isn’t a passing condition for most modern men and women. It’s a normal state of being.

Instead of a cup of coffee or a nap, try exercise.

But one of the best remedies for fatigue is exercise. Read the rest of the blog post that appeared on DC Metro Moms here. Stay hard core, Mariska  

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