My New Hard Core Crush

You know I'm obsessed with all things hard core. Show me extraordinary core strength, and it's only my Fuse Pilates DC training that can keep me standing. My latest core crush goes by the handle "Ginger Ninja Trickster" on YouTube. I want to be the girl version of him (sadly, at my age I don't think it's likely). So, while I mourn the fact that although my parents suggested martial arts when I was a kid, I was not at all down with that idea. I opted as an adult for the goal of one day being a Pilates Master instead (not there yet). So, enjoy this show of badassery - English Tae Kwon Do style. Let's all take a moment to think about how even if this was edited, Aaron (the Ginger Ninj) was still able to do these things at least once... which is more than I will ever be able to do. Sigh. There is also a cute baby cameo - surely a future hard core ninja. Stay hard core (but don't try this without the assistance of a trained professional), Mariska

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