Fitness Motivation from Sesame Street

I don't remember a lot from Sesame Street... beyond how to count, my alphabet, and that some monsters like cookies, just like me. But with young nephews, a niece, and friends having kids left and right, I've started to see some Sesame Street pop up in my facebook feed. And when Bruno Mars and are singing in the videos, I find myself clicking on them... Watching these videos all the way through... And realizing there are some great life lessons in there for Fuse Pilates DC students or just exercisers everywhere. Like how sometimes, exercises are hard to do when they're new, but if you keep practicing, you'll get them. And how we're getting stronger, better, and more awesome as long as we don't quit. Just a little wisdom from me and my friends at Sesame Street. Who knew? Stay hardcore, Mariska

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