Stop the DC Fitness Tax!

Let’s (NOT) pay more for fitness in DC!  

Weigh your options - be silent or act now to stop the DC fitness tax!

On May 29, the DC Council decided to vote on fitness in DC. We just won the fittest city in the country (the entire country!), so it was time to celebrate!! So, what did they do? They voted to start taxing fitness classes starting January 1, 2015. And, they put all of this to a vote without giving DC residents the chance to weigh in. (Taxation without representation much?) DC Council Finance Committee Chairman Jack Evans said the city can do without the taxes. And if you’ve tried to park on a street in DC, you also know that the government makes a lot of money on parking tickets, so how is it possible that they need more? Want to take your government back? Sign the petition. Send a note and follow it up with a call. Stage a plank-in. Go show off your amazing guns (Biceps, folks. Biceps). Let our government know that it’s not cool to tax fitness. After all, fit people ultimately cost the government less money, and it’s something that should be rewarded, not taxed. Plus let’s not forget that the people who could be appreciating your strong and awesome physique also lose when the government starts charging for fitness. For your convenience, we have also provided a list of city councilmembers’ information below. Please do send them our regards. Chairman Phil Mendelson: (202) 724-8032   Jack Evans: (202) 724-8058   David Catania (202) 724-7772   Kenyan McDuffie: (202) 724-8028   Anita Bonds: (202) 724-8064   Jim Graham: (202) 724-8181   Mary Cheh: (202) 724-8062   Muriel Bowser: (202) 724-8052   David Grosso: (202) 724-8105   Tommy Wells: (202) 724-8072   Yvette Alexander: (202) 724-8068   Marion Barry: (202) 724-8045   Vincent Orange (202) 724-8174

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  1. Graham King says:

    Join others in protesting this Tuesday at 12 noon at the Wilson Building. We’re doing 8 burpees for the 8 wards of DC against the tax.