Finding Friends through Fuse

Anne Schroeder can be seen around the studio many days during the week. A lot of the time, she'll be seen with Meg, her best friend that she met at Fuse Pilates DC studio. Do you have a similar story to share? We'd love to hear it! When I first came to Fuse, I didn’t know a soul in the facility. My first class was a Jump class, and the workout’s after-effects lingered for days. Knowing what was good for me, I went back and eventually formed the habit of attending the same classes each week. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one. Each time I’d walk through the door and see a familiar face, always smiling - and sometimes complaining - we would start talking as Fusers do. “What’s your favorite class?” “Have you tried Chair?”

There's nothing cuter than workout buddies!

With each new class Meg and I grew closer and closer and importantly found a work out friend in each other. There are days I’d rather have a hole in my head than show up to class, but I know Meg will be there and that spurs me to show up. Recently, I got a text from her saying “The only reason I showed up today was because I knew you’d kill me if I didn’t…and you weren’t there!” (In my defense I was out of town.) Having a workout friend is more than just camaraderie. There are times I can’t look at her because I know I’ll burst out laughing and ruin the sequence. In the middle of class, we’ll be doing arms and she’ll look at me and chide “oh, you know you need a red (spring).” Meanwhile, she’s on a yellow (super-light, incidentally), but that’s another matter. It’s nice to have someone that knows you and pushes you to do more. That’s what friendship - workout or otherwise – is, right? In Meg, I found more than merely a workout friend: we text, email and have dinner together. She’s getting married this summer and moving across the country, but I have a feeling I’ll still be texting her asking, “Did you go to a Pilates class today?” Of note, Anne has decided to move across country as well. This is the only part of this story that isn't a happy ending; they'll both be missed!

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