I Thought I Was Hard Core… Until I Saw This

I fancy myself a pretty strong gal. And, considering my age, my medical stuff, and my general lack of natural athletic talent, I can handle myself fairly well in feats of strength (especially when they are Pilates related). The other day, though, I was watching TV with my husband. We turned on the TV, and I was ready to click onto the Roku to watch Orphan Black (Not watching it? Finish reading this first, then start immediately after...) when we were both stopped in our tracks by a TV show that someone missed our radars - American Ninja Warrior. At first, I thought it was like American Gladiator, and I thought, "oh how cute, just like the show I used to watch in high school. Where's Storm?" Except that it wasn't Gladiator. Here were feats of strength and badassery unlike any I had seen before. Here were people that could hang from their fingertips (their FINGERTIPS!!) for minutes on end while smoothly moving from one nearly impossible obstacle to another. One of the player's claims to fame was that he could do 5 pull-ups using just his pinky finger. Whaawhaaaat??? Two hours later, we had become obsessed with these Ninja moves. The Dyad Institute was forgotten. And, I felt as weak as a newborn. If you haven't enjoyed this, check out the video my sister subsequently sent me that was floating around her rock climbing gym. Apparently, most people already knew about American Ninja Warriors. And, in case you didn't, considered yourself informed (inspired, awestruck, shocked...) Note that the good stuff happens near the end. And please take a moment to appreciate truly beautiful shoulder stability. This is actually a show that began in Japan, so if you find yourself in need of wasting hours and hours of time at work, and you run out of clips of the American version (or finish Orphan Black), watch the original ones. You don't need to know the language to appreciate the awesomeness. You won't find us doing these things at Fuse Pilates DC, although we think we'd be good cross-training for core strength and hip and shoulder stability. So Ninja Warriors, please come visit us. We want to watch you scale the outside of our four story studio. Stay hard core (but don't try this at home), Mariska

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  1. My husband and I are secretly obsessed with the American Ninja Warriors. We stumbled upon the competition last year when flipping through channels. The guys who make it through the qualifying rounds are amazing! You are right, Mariska, that shoulder stability is beyond awesome.

    • Mariska Breland says:

      And once they lose the engagement of their lats, they fall. Every. Single. Time. 🙂