Pilates Chairs Aren’t for Sitting

The first time I ever saw a Pilates chair, I didn't think there would be much to it. An hour later, I could barely walk but I felt oh so good. Strong, long, challenged. My ass had been properly kicked (and was probably noticeably tighter). We've been offering Pilates wunda chair classes since the Fuse Pilates DC studio opened three years ago, but we still find ourselves explaining that no, this isn't a class where you sit on a chair. This is our tiniest little torture device, our best challenger of balance, the annihilator of bra fat and jiggly arms, and quite possibly, our most fun workout. Check it out on video, and then check it out in person. If you want to do chair with me (Mariska) at home, a new class is coming soon to Pilates Anytime. Not a member? Sign up with our discount code to turn their regular 15 day free trial to a full month and take mat, reformer, and soon - chair with me anytime! Click here to register! Stay hard core, Mariska

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