Fuse Circuit Class (Pilates Reformer + Tower = Endless Possibilities)

Several years ago, I was spending time at my mentor Julian Littleford's studio, JL Body Conditioning, in Del Mar, California. And, I loved how he ran his semi-private group classes. You would start out on the reformer, move to other, smaller apparatus, and finish up on the Tower (which is basically the Pilates Cadillac without the overhead beams). You worked your ass off, tightened up the "jiggly bits" (as he liked to say), and left class sweaty, stronger, and stretched. When we opened the Fuse Pilates DC studio, I wanted to recreate a bit of those classes I loved at Julian's studio. Enter Fuse Circuit - half Reformer, half Tower and literally endless possibilities to work anything you want. Check out some of the things you might be doing in class!

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