Fuse Teacher Feature: Maggie Derrickson

We might be biased, but we think our Fuse instructors are badass and yes, very hardcore. Exhibit A: Maggie killing it in crow pose. Fuse Pilates Teacher Maggie Derrickson As we kick off our fifth Fuse teacher training AND debut our second studio this Fall (woo hoo!), we thought it would be a great time to get to know more about our current instructors: their favorite Fuse moves (and the ones they love to hate), what they do for fun (other than push you through your fourth set of tricep push-ups...) and lots more. First up: Maggie Derrickson. If you don't recognize Maggie from class, you'll almost certainly recognize this face -- her pup Daisy, a fixture at the Fuse studio! Dogs of Fuse Pilates - Daisy How were you introduced to Fuse Pilates? I was looking for a Pilates Studio because I hated the one I was currently using. I stumbled across Fuse while walking around Dupont and went inside to ask questions. The person working the front desk was SO nice and SO helpful that I knew right away this place would be my Pilates home. Plus the prices were the best I had seen by far. What is your favorite Pilates exercise? Jack Knife and Boomerang. I absolutely love the ab work mixed with the back stretch.
Fuse Pilates Teacher Maggie Derrickson Boomerang

Boomerang: Just a rollover and teaser combined... no biggie.

What is the exercise you love to hate? KNEE DANCING! Basically any quad exercise. This exercise points out that my quads aren't as strong as they should be. While it has gotten slightly easier, it's still quite challenging. As much as I hate to do these I know they're working muscles that really need strengthening. Try Knee Dancing in Maggie's mini workout for legs, glutes & obliques Do you have a favorite move to teach in your classes? Knee-to-Toe Push-ups are awesome because it slows down the push-up -- which means no cheating or rushing through the move! I have yet to teach a class where arms aren't requested, and this is definitely a challenge for the guns.
Fuse Pilates Teacher Maggie Derrickson Push-Up

Expect some awesome arm work in Maggie's classes

What is your favorite Fuse class? Toys and Chair. I love the added challenges with weights, balls and the Magic Circles in Toys. Chair I love so much because there's a lot of fear of falling off the chair which really, really engages some deep abdominals. Behold the awesomeness of the Pilates Wunda Chair What is your favorite toy? The Magic Circle. Every time I use it I feel the burn. Sidelying work with the circle between my ankles is like torture for me. I will groan and make a face every time this is taught in class, but I know it's working my outer hips and thighs in the best possible way. Whose classes do you try to take when you're not teaching? Monica's classes are incredibly challenging and she has some of the best cues and even better music. Tori's Toys classes are killer, too. I couldn't believe the stuff she was having us do! She doesn't take any crap. So creative, and SO challenging. Favorite pre- or post- workout fuel? Anything with protein. These workouts really take it out of me so I love to eat grilled chicken, eggs, or a smoothie when I'm done. I finally found some yogurt with no added sugar so I love making a parfait with granola, flax seeds and chia seeds. What, for you, is the best part of teaching? Seeing the students go past the point of giving up. That look on their faces when they know they're a badass. Hearing that you taught a great class is always a plus too! What are your hobbies outside of Fuse? Hiking, exploring DC, and reading. Time to brag! Here's what other Fuse teachers had to say about Maggie and her classes: Dara: If you want to feel like a badass for a day, go to Maggie’s class! She defines HARDCORE. Choose your requests carefully because she is bound to hit them hard. Her side work is the best! P.S. You should watch this girl do a tricep pushup--she’s a beast! Laura: She comes up with great variations to push students even farther with each move. Lisa: Maggie is a very kind, positive person. It's awesome how approachable she is, especially for new students. Ayelet: Maggie has the strongest plank, ever! Erika: Maggie classes have a great mix of exercises, and she always throws in a few challenge moves to take the class to the next level. Ally: She's just so sweet and unassuming, but a total ass-kicker!   Maggie teaches Fuse mat on Wednesdays at 5:30pm. Register for one of Maggie's classes. Have a question for her? Leave it in the comments!

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  1. Dara Angelo says:

    Maggie- how does one become so awesome? No but seriously, how can I improve my tricep push-up? Or be able to do that crazy crow pose you did in the picture? I’d love you advice 🙂

  2. Evelia Rushe says:

    Knee-to-Toe Push-ups are really awesome. One needs practice a lot to do this exercise. Doing a good work Maggie.

  3. Monica says:

    How did we ever have a studio without Maggie? I feel like she’s been with us forever. Born to Fuse!