From Skinny Fat to Fit

Striving to be thin? Fit should be your goal. After all, skinny fat is a real thing. Check out this blog post Mariska and Clare wrote on it a while back. Fuse Pilates DC teacher and holistic health coach-in-training Meredith Capps knows skinny fat well... Here's her story. Not so long ago, I was young attorney fresh out of law school, and I thought that I was doing rather well, thank you very much.  I was successful by my then-standards:  financially independent, outgoing…and thin, which meant healthy, right?  In truth, I was, as we say at Fuse, skinny fat -- and I knew it.  At the time, my primary form of exercise was hoisting boxes of documents around the office, and it was not unusual for me to have a bagel and black coffee with Splenda for breakfast, skip lunch, have a giant chocolate chip cookie at 3:00 pm, and a Lean Cuisine for dinner.  Nourishing, huh?

Life on diet Coke and Lean Cuisine. Looks good. Doesn't feel so good.

Once I discovered and fell in love with Pilates, I became fascinated by the benefits of the practice, and not just because of how my arms looked in a strapless dress, or how much easier it was to carry those boxes around the office -- though those were nice perks.  Slowly my perspective on other aspects of wellness shifted, too.  I eventually decided to become a Pilates instructor and later, to leave my legal practice, but I felt like a bit of fraud.  Could I really be a health professional as I was guzzling Diet Cokes and eating energy bars for dinner at the studio?  Enter resident health coach Ginny Johnson, who helped me overhaul my diet, and showed me how to start clearing away the informational clutter in the often-confusing world of nutrition.  I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and I am now on my way to becoming, in addition to certified Pilates teacher, a certified health coach. To kick off my new endeavor, I am offering a workshop on October 21, from 7:45 p.m. - 8:45 p.m., on one of my favorite topics, how to read food labels.  As the weather grows cooler and we find ourselves spending less time dining out al fresco, and more time staring into our pantries and grocery store aisles, we may also spend more time puzzling over the mysteries of food labels.  What does “all natural” really mean?  Non-GMO Certified?  Organic?  Whole Grain?  Zero Trans Fats?  Join me for this intro course on deciphering some of the biggest buzzwords on the labels attached to your favorite foods.

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