Fuse Teacher Feature: Ayelet Oser

In this month's Fuse Teacher Feature we're introducing you to reigning plank queen Ayelet Oser! Ayelet has a special talent for bringing the burn with an upbeat attitude that will (almost) make you forget how much your abs are hurting.

Ayelet's style: Oblique work with a smile

How were you introduced to Fuse Pilates? I took Pilates for credit in college and loved it so much that I asked for special permission to audit it for a second and then a third semester. I was, as they say, #addicted. A former co-worker (now full-time friend) who was going through physical therapy for her back introduced me to Fuse Pilates in February 2012. I tried Addie's reformer class and fell in love.

Pilates refomer at Fuse. #Addicted

What is the best/your favorite thing Pilates has done for your body/self? I have “grown” one inch and can do a headstand! What is your favorite Fuse class and why? This is a hard question because I really do love all of the classes, and I am not just saying that! I think that if I had to choose one it would be toys. As a student I love how the toys help with feedback on how effectively I am doing an exercise, especially when I take it back to the standard mat classes. Also, toys is fun! You have to just smile and laugh when you roll off the gray ball while trying to hold a plank or experience how much worse the Magic Circle can make Pretzel.

Want to make Pretzel even more evil? Add the Magic Circle.

What are your favorite requests and/or least favorite requests? I love requesting “muffin top” when I am in class because it is a secret 2-in-1 request (obliques and outer hips). Get a Deep Oblique Burn with Ayelet's Mini Workout Why did you decide to become a Fuse Pilates instructor? I instantly fell in love with the Fuse method and more importantly, the Fuse community. I started getting more involved by doing work study so that I could be there more and help out the happiest place on earth (Disney, watch out). Then I started thinking about what it would be like to teach. Who wouldn’t want to work at a place where everyone is awesome and supportive?!

Watch out, Disney

What, for you, is the most rewarding part of teaching? I love seeing people pushing themselves and then watching it paying off! Nothing makes me happier than when students come up to me after class saying that their body did something that it couldn’t the time before. I love sharing that moment with them! I have accomplished things like winning one of Allegra’s bootcamp “hold the longest plank” competition and when I wanted to tell people outside of Fuse they just didn’t get it. I am here to push students and then help share the excitement of any and all accomplishments, because I get it! What do you think makes your classes unique, fun, or challenging?  I always come to Fuse with a smile on my face! It really is the happiest place on earth and I freaking love being there and teaching. I love pushing students to their limits and coming up with new moves to surprise and push them further. Not to mention one of my favorite elements of the Fuse method: music!  I have so much fun pulling together my playlists. Any song recommendations? Stayin’ Hot (Bee Gees & Nelly) by DJ Lobsterdust is an awesome mash-up. Do you have a favorite pre- or post- workout healthy snack or meal? Post- workout and/or post- teaching I will nine times out of ten be at Sweetgreen. I think the Dupont location is the best in the city! My go-to salad changes with the seasons, but their summer roasted veggie salad is one of my favorites.

Sweetgreen: Our Favorite Salad Spot

What are your favorite healthy foods or ingredients? Kale and fresh herbs from my parents’ garden. Do you have a favorite indulgence? Thick cut french fries with ketchup! How do you spend your time outside of Fuse? All the TV shows, knitting (not as talented as Jocelyn though!), designing restaurants, cooking and brunching with friends, hanging with my family in Rockville, going to the beach with my boyfriend for the day and DIY crafting and building as much as possible! Are you currently working on/recently completed any trainings or continuing education classes? I recently took a Pilates Ball Master Class and a Pilates Stick Workshop. It gave me lots of ideas for toys classes (insert evil laugh)!

Planking with the gray ball.

Then simply pull the ball in using your lower abs. NBD. #hardcore

Any other interesting facts or tidbits you can share? I am an interior designer. I am the oldest of four. I have more than 20 plants in my apartment. My dream is to exist in a constant Bar/Bat Mitzvah playlist. I have worn the same anklet for almost 10 years. I am addicted to Pinterest (who wouldn’t want to organize pretty things?). I am a Libra who likes long walks on the beach. Time to brag! Here’s what other Fuse teachers had to say about Ayelet and her classes: Addie: She has a pure love of teaching and great sequencing! Allie: Love her music, love her sequences. Always super sweet and friendly. Dara: Her playlists are baller and her teaching style is upbeat and fun. The main thing I love about Ayelet's classes is that she pushes her students to get every last drop of effort they have and leave it all on the mat. She never fails to give me a great workout and be sore in some way the next day. Erin: Ayelet keeps the energy in her classes high from start to finish with fun music and a smile on her face. Laci: She's high energy and a great motivator. You are guaranteed to fall out during at least one exercise but smile while doing so.   Let Ayelet serve you a dose of soreness with smile - Register for one of her mat or toys classes. Have a question for her? Leave it in the comments!

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