The Fuse Ladder: Redefining Hard Core

No, it’s not a training apparatus for firefighters. Over the years, many students have asked if we offer (or were planning to teach) barre classes. Our answer has always been (and remains) no - there are plenty of studios out there doing that. Plus, I’ve always argued that barre isn't inspired by Pilates, even if a lot of Pilates studios offer it. And Fuse will always hold onto our roots in Pilates. When we were looking to expand, I started thinking about new ways to challenge myself and our students. I thought about what a tough standing workout would look like. I thought of exercises I love and things that really challenge me. Roxanna and I know our students (and pretty much everyone in the DC area) love a new challenge. We wanted to find something really different that would meet that demand. We wanted to do more functional movements, have more ways to tone into body part requests, and have a class that wasn't at all girly. The idea for the ladder was born.

A sneak peek at the Fuse Ladder

Our awesome senior instructor Addie and I started brainstorming about exercises.  We built a ladder prototype and then added the backboard and hanging straps to have even more exercise options. We set it up in Addie's garage and spent the (very warm) summer in front of a huge fan working on the sequence and what made sense as a truly challenging, but smart, total body workout. We’re totally psyched about the result.  The Fuse Ladder class is sweatier. It boasts a lot more standing and balance challenges than any of our other classes. We start with big muscles and then work into the smaller stabilizing muscles. Unlike most of our other classes, which start off with relatively calm warm-ups, the Fuse Ladder class is hard core from the first minute.
I couldn't resist the temptation to hang in our new ladder studio.
Expect to climb, hang, lunge, squat, push, pull and more. And like all other Fuse classes, the Fuse Ladder class is taught on request and backed up with fun music. Come sweat with us. You’ll probably be sore, but you definitely won’t be sorry. -- Mariska

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