Could this be the best workout ever?

When we were looking to expand our Fuse Pilates DC location, we wanted to add something new to our offerings. That new thing became Fuse Ladder. Ladder is my perfect workout. It combines the best of all fitness disciplines. There are the toning benefits of barre and the functional training aspects of CrossFit (with a lot of attention to form). There are balance poses more challenging than yoga. And of course, there are elements of Pilates. We use the Pilates springs, which offer progressive resistance (that means strength plus stretch, which improves flexibility.) And, like all of the other Fuse Pilates classes, we teach on request to prevent any two classes from being the same while making sure to work all 360° of your body.

Working upper back, arms, hips, glutes, abs, and legs in one move on the Fuse Ladder.

One of the best things about barre classes is the amount of time you spend doing standing exercises. The ladder takes it up to a whole new level. We have movements that aren’t found in most workouts, including climbing and hanging. Many of our students have realized through these exercises where they have a lot of weakness (hint: it’s upper body).

Standing arm work with springs on the ladder challenges more than just your upper body.

Did you know that you should be able to hang and support your body weight for at least three minutes? Can you actually do that? Do you feel that that’s something that is only for ninja warriors? Do you really think that two-pound weights are giving you sufficient upper body strength?

Think you can hang?

Ladder classes begin with a tough climbing sequence followed by standing squats and lunges that might feel slightly reminiscent of barre classes except that we add the challenge of unsteady springs as well as single leg balances that are designed to really challenge your equilibrium. Like barre, we do some isometric moves. Those are great for toning, after all. But we also do a lot a full range of motion exercises, which are much more functional. After all, pulsing and tucking aren’t movements you do in daily life (or at least, I don’t.)

Like barre? Try ladder.

Although we don’t do anything like deadlifts, we do a lot of functional exercises, including squats, lunges, planks, and push-ups. To balance out workouts like CrossFit, we always work the stabilizing muscles that are often overlooked–muscles like your glute med and transverse abs. Strength in those muscles can prevent injury and make you way better at doing your other workouts.

The Fuse Ladder provides endless options for challenging push-up variations.

Yoga offers the meditative benefits of being fully in your body. I promise that when you’re balancing on one leg while pulling spring weight with your upper body, your mind will not be wandering. Plus, the core strength that you can build doing Pilates-based workouts can you make your arm balances and inversions vastly better than you ever thought possible. There is a reason why Pilates is the secret weapon for many yoga students.

Strengthen, lengthen, and mid-air.

And we don’t stop there. Ladder is the perfect cross training workout for sports. We work on posture and upper body strength that are missing from cycling workouts. We do rotational exercises that can help your golf or tennis game. And if you are a skier (water or snow), your core and leg strength can be improved dramatically. Need more convincing to give the Fuse Ladder a try? We have a two for $25 special for existing students to purchase. And if you’re completely new to Fuse Pilates, we’ll let you try a Ladder class for free. Stay hard core, Mariska

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