5 Reasons Why Commuters Should Workout in DC Before/After Work

1. You're Already Here After taking the metro, are you really going to go home, change and then go to the gym? For you overachievers, props to you. However, during that time you could have worked out in DC and be on your way home all in time to binge watch House of Cards or the other addictive Netflix shows. Working out before or after work in DC while you are already there, saves time. #YouGotThis.           2. Forces You Into a Routine With the constantly evolving world that is quick to throw chaos and stress your way, it’s nice to have a little stability. This is exactly what a morning or evening workout can do (*insert celebratory dance).             3. De-stress Did you co-worker accidently eat your lunch, better label your food next time. Have a stressful client meeting? Or, do you need to blow off some steam before starting the day? Like Elle Woods once said, “Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy.”             4. Fuse Offers Flexibility Interested in perfecting The Hundred on your first try? We can sure get you there with our flexible class schedule. We have classes starting as early as 6 a.m. going on throughout the day and even late night classes for the days you had to stay late in the office. Fuse offers classes that coordinate with your overall goals from fitness classes for beginners to pros, so you don’t feel like the last kid picked for the dodgeball team.   5. Two locations! That’s right, you can’t beat two locations right in the heart of the nation’s capital. The first Fuse Pilates playground is located in a historic mansion in DC’s trendy Dupont Circle neighborhood, just a cartwheel away from the Metro. Fuse also has a second location on 14th street, offering easy access to commuters working in other areas of DC. This urban oasis features lounge chairs, changing areas, apparatus studios, mat studios and motivating teachers.           About Fuse Pilates: Fuse Pilates® started in 2005 as a group mat Pilates class at Flow Yoga Center that quickly became one of Washington, DC’s favorite fitness offerings. As classes soared in popularity, we expanded the method to offer a unique, fun, and effective twist on group apparatus classes. Each class concentrates on developing functional and balanced strength and flexibility, shaping beautifully toned physiques in the process. Every class begins with the question “What do you want to work on today?” This ensures that each Fuse class is different from the last because our classes are driven by your request. Regardless of the focus, we’ll still work all 360 degrees of you, front to back, top to bottom. Schedule a class today! All gifs courtesy of Giphy 

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