Student Testimonial: Emilie Mathieu

In our latest testimonial we pay tribute to one of our favorite #FuseHardcore students Emilie Mathieu!

Fuse enthusiast Emilie Mathieu says Fuse is the happiest place on Earth.

Emilie is a longtime Fuse fan and agreed to share her experience before she hopped across the pond to take a new job in the UK. In this post she shares her favorite Fuse moves, tips for newbies, and more. We miss you, Emily! Had you done Pilates before you came to Fuse? To be honest, I actually had no real idea what Pilates was before setting foot in the studio! I did know it was not yoga. I came on a recommendation, and brought a friend for reinforcements. I loved the burn, the energy, the variety, and I have been coming back with increasing frequency ever since. What about Fuse Pilates made you feel like you had found your fitness studio "home"? Fuse is one of the only places I have encountered that makes sure you get a killer workout that is also a smart workout. The mantra that there is nothing wrong with modifications is so refreshing. The instructors are not only lovely people, but are also committed to making sure you get the most out of your hour and are supremely knowledgeable about anatomy. Plus, as someone who works long hours in Virginia, the fact that Fuse has classes late and early makes it easy to incorporate it into my daily routine. Have you introduced any family or friends to Fuse? What compelled you to do so? As a Fuse enthusiast, I try to recruit as many people as I can – I truly feel everyone can benefit from Fuse. My sister, whom I introduced to Fuse and has since moved away from DC, still wistfully asks about Fuse classes. Do you have a favorite Fuse class? What is it and why is it your favorite? I love anything that incorporates toys at Fuse – toys classes, reformer with toys, chair with toys, etc.  From weights to gliders, they really add an extra burn to the workout and provide for truly endless variations.

Toys add an extra challenge to Fuse mat moves.

Do you you have a favorite Pilates move or sequence? What is it/why? Jack Knife because I love the stretch in my low back. I have also grown to love plank because I can really measure my improvement – I always thought it would be terrifically hard, and while it is, I have gotten so much better at it.

Planks are an excellent full body workout. Try it on the reformer for an extra challenge!

What exercises do you love to hate/exercises you find particularly challenging? Why? That first rollup is always really hard. The good news is that they get easier.  And someday I will find a way to straighten my legs and do a proper teaser.

Love 'em or hate 'em, roll-ups are a great way to work every part of your abdominals.

Check Our Roll-Up Tutorial Video

How has Pilates changed your body/self? Historically, I did a lot of running and cardio, and had no upper body strength. That has all changed thanks to Fuse. While I can’t do as many pushups as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, I am getting closer! I also really feel  like I have a strong core for the first time in a long time, and it is much easier to have good posture. What is your favorite thing about Fuse? I’m going to steal Ayelet’s line, but I think Fuse just might be the happiest place on earth.  The vibe of the studio is amazing. Have I mentioned the late and early classes? Do you have any favorite instructors? I love Jen H’s mat and toys classes – she is so inventive and great at keeping class moving. Dara’s enthusiasm is infectious, so much so that I signed up for her Reform School Bootcamp at 6 am. On the early morning front, I also appreciate Ally’s dedication to making sure we get a good workout. And Laci has a gift for making even the most grueling class fun and funny. What motivation or advice would you give those who are considering trying Fuse for the first time? Bring a friend! Especially if you have never done Pilates before, you can both laugh at yourselves for feeling intimidated afterwards, and confirm that yup, her abs are also really sore 24 hours later. Also: don’t be afraid of falling out of a position – we’ve all done it and it just means you are challenging yourself.

We'll let you in on a secret: Everybody (teachers, strongest students included) feels like the person on the left sometimes. Probably a lot.

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