5 Reasons Why You Should Attend a Pilates on Tour Conference

Before I became a Pilates teacher, I had an entirely different career as a video and event creative director. A big part of what I did was what I’ll call “corporate theater.” When big companies (like Walmart, Samsung, and ExxonMobil, among others) hosted sales meetings or product launches, I would design the videos, speeches, and other interactive elements of their ceremonies and events. One year, I went to Vegas seven times. (What happened there I’m happy to say stayed there, because for me, it was mostly work).

Occasional perk of my former job: meeting celebs like Ben Stiller.

All that means is that I’ve seen a lot of conferences, and I’m a tough judge of what I think should happen in order to execute a successful one. And as a tough judge, I’ll say that I think the Balanced Body Pilates on Tour conferences do it right. Here are five reasons why:

1. The timing is right. The Pilates on Tour workshops are long enough for you to actually learn something. Want to learn how to work with clients with neurological conditions? I teach a 3-day course on it, and I can tell you that it’s nearly impossible to explain the complexities of that topic in two hours. But you can do a pretty good introduction in a full day session. 2. It’s hands-on and interactive. I can’t imagine the logistics of transporting reformers, Cadillacs, chairs, and other apparatus all over the world. Well, I can, but it makes my brain hurt. But the great thing about having a lot of equipment on-site is that you have the ability to learn by doing, which is so valuable when teaching principles of movement and exercise.

Some things are hard to explain without a visual!

3. There’s so much variety.

Not only are there workshops on exercise variations, there are also workshops on anatomy, choreography, working with special populations and more. I hit a little bit of everything – a workshop on neurological degenerative diseases, one on working with swimmers who compete in triathletes, another on fascia and movement, and then two on apparatus variations (I can't wait to adapt some of them for the Fuse Ladder). Fun fact I learned: You can carry a dissected head through airport security and not get arrested if you have documentation showing that you are an anatomist going to teach at a workshop. 4. They feed you. This may seem like a small detail, but it’s not. When you’re in a hotel or conference center for full days, it makes life infinitely easier when food is on site and included in your course registration fee. Trust me – I travel a lot to teach workshops, and having to figure out where to grab a lunch and be back in an hour is more trouble than it’s worth. And KIND bars, although delicious, aren’t particularly satisfying when you eat them for breakfast and lunch (which I have done many times).

How I feel when I haven't eaten.

 5. They schedule times to rest and play.

Recess! Balanced Body’s Pilates on Tour offers workouts on a variety of apparatus in both the morning and during the lunch break. So, if you’ve been sitting in a lecture all morning, you can stretch out and move during breaks. Sitting is the new smoking, after all. (And coincidentally, that was one of the workshop topics they presented). Going to Pilates training is like vacation to me. And this was a good one. Feeling hard core, Mariska

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