The Fuse Crew’s 2016 Health & Fitness Resolutions

Pilates New Year Resolutions

Resolve (noun): firm determination to do something. If you started 2016 determined to perfect your tricep pushup game, learn to love kale, or make time to meditate every morning you're not alone! Our instructors are working on their own resolutions this year, too. Check out their health and fitness goals to help inspire you keep going strong through February. Mariska - I am going to continue to work on my left leg weakness, practice balance exercises, take a Ladder, mat, and reformer class every week (as well as a private session - practice is king!), cook more, and nail my high bridge on the reformer. Addie - Work on my scapula stabilization in pushups, keep getting stronger post-baby, try to make time to stretch more often, reduce my stress around driving, keep drinking more water. Laci - Do three pull-ups on the Ladder, perfect my roll-up game, meditate at least 15 minutes per day.

Laci works her arms, shoulders, and back on the Ladder. Practice makes perfect!

Tori - Instead of ordering delivery or take out several times a week, limit it to once every two weeks. Make dinner at home and make more food from scratch. So far, I've been making my own bread and ice cream. Since January 1st, I've been making a lot of meals at home (lots of soup!) and been eating the leftovers, instead of going out to lunch. As for fitness, I've been working on handstand. I'm trying to practice handstand daily. Jocelyn - Eat out less, do more yoga, nail a pull-up on the Ladder. Gillian - Make a designated space at home to practice Pilates. Spend more time outdoors with my family. Prep meals on the weekend so I can eat better during the week. Ayelet - Run 2-3 times a week, work on doing pikes on the reformer, and eat a vegetable with every meal (yes, French fries shall count). Meredith - Stress less! Do more cardio, including Ladder and jump (reformer aficionados, did you know that you can request jump intervals in a "regular" reformer class?). Marisa - Fidget less when holding planks, try a jump class, get running again, break the daily routine at least once a week, and winnow down the number of cookies I eat per day/week. Maybe cook some meals, but I first have to remember how to cook... Laura - Do a perfect roll up, improve my upper body strength by hanging out on the Ladder, and keep starting the day with a green smoothie, even though a bagel sounds way better. Get tips for perfecting your roll up in this tutorial by Mariska: Jennifer - Pregnancy fitness goals are tricky. Becoming faster, stronger or shedding pounds obviously isn't going to happen while a tiny human grows is my belly. Inevitability, I will get bigger, slower and more exhausted. But while that will happen, my goal is to keep moving! I try to walk for at least 30 minutes a day, attend both a prenatal Pilates and yoga class once a week, take the stairs instead of the elevator, stand up while on conference calls, etc. It's the little things that will make a big difference when push time comes. There's a reason it's called labor. And post-June will be a whole new fitness challenge. I'm thankful Fuse Pilates will be there to help! Rumer - Get my full teaser on the reformer back (it disappeared while I had a desk job). Learn earn to love waking up early. Spend more time rolling out my muscles after running and spinning (this will probably help with the teaser!). Joe - Use my phone less. Drink more green tea. Ramp up the cardio! Every night before bed, write a list of things to-do the next day, then put it away and resist pondering those thoughts until the morning. Be able to do a one-arm pushup with confidence! Learn to embrace and enjoy tortuous (but effective) oblique exercises such as criss cross! Take at least one other style of dance class a week (like I don’t dance enough already?!). Want some tips for creating healthy workout habits for life? Read our January blog post. Try something new this year with one of our class specials, or sneak in a workout at home with one of our YouTube videos!

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