25 Things You Didn’t Know About Tori Ellis

Tori is known around the studio for her classic rock and hip hop-heavy playlists and the yoga bend she brings to her Fuse Mat, Reformer, and Reformer Plus classes. There are probably some things you don’t know about her, though. Here’s the scoop straight from the source:

1. I’m always on time.

2. I’m obsessed with listening to crime podcasts. I rarely listen to music while driving or walking anymore.

image4-529x9403. I listen to Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix when working out.

4. I drove before I had a license. I use to drive my friends carpool home in high school since I lived walking distance from the school. I then dropped her keys off to her at choir practice. I didn’t get my license until I was 18, after I had graduated.

5. I have lived in the same house for 12 1/2 years, as a renter. Sometimes I think my landlord forgets I still live there. I’ve had nine roommates.

6. I was obsessed with The Godfather trilogy when I was younger. I didn’t read the book until last year, after visiting Sicily, and traveling to one of the filming sites.

A church featured in The Godfather was on the must visit list on a trip to Italy.

A church featured in The Godfather was on the must visit list on a trip to Italy.

7. I drove a five-speed for 13 years while living in the DC area. The changeover to an automatic has brought me so much peace and tranquility.

8. My first yoga class was torture. I was training for my black belt at the time and didn’t know stretching could be so difficult.



9. I walk around the Washington Lee High School track at night, mostly for the people-watching.

And planking.

And planking.

10. I worked in a nightclub for 10 years. It was supposed to be just a couple weekends one winter but I ended up staying until they closed down. I still have one of the custom made bar stools. The other six were destroyed by sloppy drunks.

11. I once threw a girl out of the nightclub when she couldn’t stand up and refused to leave. I literally picked her up and threw her out. I’m pretty strong.

12. I went to an all boys camp in Maine when I was 11. My friend and I both had brothers at the camp and we were allowed to attend since her mom was also the camp nurse. We were required to do everything the boys had to do, including learning how to make your soaked jeans into a life preserver while treading water. I hope I never have to do that in a life or death situation.

13. My first official job was working at a Kroger grocery store. I still remember all the produce codes. I was a very efficient self-checkout customer.

14. I’m a movie snob. I prefer foreign films or documentaries and I miss the foreign film section at Blockbuster.

15. I use to hate the meditating and savasana part of yoga. Now I rely on meditating every day and always look forward to savasana.

16. My mom, brother and I text food we make almost every day. Including breakfast smoothies.

Yes, we are in a competition.

Yes, we are in a competition.

17. I follow What Kate Wore and read the NY Times Style Section religiously, but I am a fashion nightmare.

18. I look forward to the future where pedestrians look where they are walking instead of at their phones.

19. I can’t sleep in past 7am. Even if I’m up ’til 2am.

20. My hair ranges from morning-medusa to supermodel-fabulous. It has a mind of it’s own.

Good hair day.

Good hair day.

21. I read cookbooks like novels. I love cooking from scratch. I make my own bread, pizza dough, and salad dressing.

Made my own bread and cheese for pimento grilled cheese sandwiches.

Made my own bread and cheese for pimento grilled cheese sandwiches.

22. I kinda wish someone had said, “you will use Geometry later in life.” I may have paid more attention.

23. My best childhood memories are of me and my brothers staying on my grandmothers farm in Xenia, Ohio. My cousins lived on the same land and there is no cable in that town. We spent most days running through the woods.

24. I only fold my laundry when it gets down to a few pieces. There are yoga clothes scattered through my basement living room.

25. I never had sushi until I moved to the DC area in 2002. Now I eat it all the time and ask my family every year if we can do a sushi Thanksgiving instead of the traditional turkey. They refuse to leave me in charge of any holiday meal.

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