25 Things You Didn’t Know About Rumer Richardson

Rumer is a Dallas to DC transplant and has been teaching reformer classes and private sessions since last year. She has quickly become known around the studio for her bubbly personality and upbeat playlists with awesome remixes. Here are a few more thing you probably don't know about the newest member of the Fuse crew: 1. I’m hyper-mobile (double-jointed) in almost every joint, which led to two knee surgeries and plenty of injuries before finding Pilates. 2. In fact, my PT in Texas told me that the size of my file is rivaled by only a few Dallas Mavericks players.
This is what happens when you drop an iPad on your foot... (yes, this really happened).

This is what happens when you drop an iPad on your foot... (yes, this really happened).

3. Yet I’ve somehow never broken any bones (knock on wood). 4. I’m from Texas, Dallas, but I’ve also lived in Orlando, Chicago and Athens, GA.

I'm a Dallas girl at heart. Love my Cowboys helmet signed by Roger Staubach. He invented the Hail Mary pass!

5. I fell in love with DC when I visited in middle school. I knew then I would one day live here! 6. When I finally got the guts to pick up and leave Texas, the entire move, from decision to touching down at Reagan, happened in less than a month.
Snapped a pic from the plane when I landed in DC!

Snapped a pic from the plane when I landed in DC!

7. I love traveling, but am ridiculously afraid of flying and always have been. If I see that a plane for a flight is listed as S-80 or smaller I try very hard to find another flight. 8. My natural hair color is blonde, but for three years I was a redhead and in the past four months I have been through blonde, purple and now blue! florafarms-893x9409. I was one semester away from finishing college when I decided I no longer wanted to work in Politics, but rather wanted to teach Pilates. I still graduated, but immediately after I started my Pilates teacher training. 10. I love dogs, but used to be afraid of beagles after being attacked by one when I was young. 11. I am very organized and rely on both my iPhone calendar and a paper organizer to keep my schedule on track. 12. Even though I love being organized I procrastinate any "busy” work I ever have to do. 13. My high school cross country team used to have at least one 10-mile run a week, which is why I still love distance running (even in the summer heat). 14. I have zero artistic talent, so please don’t ever ask me to “draw a rough sketch” of what I want something to look like. It won’t end well. 15. I have a serious fear of public speaking, so even after teaching for three years I still get nervous before every group class. 16. I love making playlists and am always up for requests from my students for songs to play in class! 17. I love winter and don’t mind snow. I was in heaven during the blizzard in January.

Winter Wonderland!

18. Even though I’ve lived in DC for almost two years now, I’ve only made it to Maryland once, and it was on accident after I turned the wrong way leaving The Container Store in Friendship Heights 19. I actually like traffic circles. I know I’m alone in this. 20. When I worked at Anthropologie I bought so many discounted candles and loved them, but now those scents are the last things I ever want in my house. 21. When I lived in Florida my family would go to the roof of the restaurant chain my dad worked for at the time and watch rockets and shuttles launch from Cape Canaveral. 22. In middle school, I grew six inches in under a year and stopped growing after that. 23. I shrunk .5 inches after my knee surgeries but I am still in denial. If you ask, I am still 5’8". 24. This one will become very apparent as soon as football starts: I am a huge Georgia Bulldogs and Dallas Cowboys fan. I apologize to all Redskins and Eagles fans for the amount of Cowboys gear you are about to see. IMG_124725. I went to elementary, middle, and high school with Clayton Kershaw and Matthew Stafford. My school district was very athletically talented, me not so much. Want to take one of Rumers's classes? Register for a session online!

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