Don’t Be THAT Person: A Studio Etiquette Guide

September means back to school, so we've put together a quick cheat sheet on class etiquette to help you and your fellow students get the most out of your time at Fuse. Think of this as your Cliffs Notes version of our studio policies - don't worry, there's won't be a pop quiz! 1. Arrive Early Do yourself, your fellow students, and your teacher a solid by showing up before class starts. Entering after a session has already started can be disruptive, and you risk losing your spot to a student on the waitlist, or worse, getting locked out. Arrive at least five minutes before class (15 minutes if it's your first visit) to allow yourself time to get situated before it's time to sweat. 2. Step away from the cell phone Unless you’re expecting to go into labor, have a wife or BFF who might go into labor, or are a doctor waiting for a patient to go into labor, please leave your cell phone on silent and tucked away in your bag or cubby. Take a break from the “real world” and unplug for an hour, and keep the distractions out of sight so your fellow students can do the same. FusePilatesCellPhone 3. Suit up to move and sweat There are no hard and fast rules for what to wear to a Pilates class, and our motto has always been: if you can move in it, you can Fuse in it. Form fitting clothing will help your instructor cue in on your body alignment, but it's not a requirement. If you want to wear loose-fitting clothing, just make sure to do a quick check at home to make sure your duds don't stretch or hang in ways that will give your classmates a show (guys, check your shorts, and ladies, let's not forget about the Lululemon see-through pants debacle of 2013!). Please be sure to remove your shoes before class, and if you choose to wear socks, make sure they have gripping pads so you don't slip and slide on the equipment. SeeThroughPants 4. Tell your teacher if you have any injuries or special requests We want you to have the best class possible, so informing us ahead of time of any injuries will help our teachers tailor the workout to your needs, like offering modifications to make an exercise more accessible or alternative moves to help you avoid exacerbating any pre-existing conditions. Don't forget to shout out your body part requests, and be sure to ask for variations to make exercises more challenging if you want to work extra hard! 5. Clean up your space and don't forget your stuff We pride ourselves on keeping a clean, neat, and odor-free space (with a little help from our favorite white tea and thyme fan diffuser). Everyone appreciates a fresh and tidy studio, and you can help us keep things clean and orderly by taking a few minutes after class to sanitize your mat/machine and props with the disinfectant wipes provided at the end of each session and returning all equipment to its original location/position so it's ready to go for the next class. Before you leave, don't forget to check the area around your mat or reformer and cubby to make sure you don't leave any of your valuables behind.
Help us keep the studio B.O.-free.

Help us keep the studio B.O.-free.

6. Cancel on time and make use of the waitlist If you need to cancel class, make sure to do so at least four hours in advance to avoid a late cancel fee (12 hours in advance for classes before noon). If you want to take a class but it's full, get on the waitlist. There's a good chance you'll get a spot! Have questions? Feel free to email us or give us a call - we're here to help!

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