25 Things You Didn’t Know About Laci McCandless

If you've been lucky enough to snag a spot in one of Laci's always-sold-out reformer sessions then you probably already know about the two loves of her life: college basketball and Pitbull. Read on to learn a few more fun facts about our sassiest instructor in our latest 25 Facts feature! Fuse Pilates Laci Ladder 1. I'm from the southern tip of Indiana, smack dab on top of the Mason Dixon line. 2. I will always proclaim to be from the Midwest, not the south. 3. I grew up playing basketball and softball, both year round. Serious business. Very serious. 4. My athletic career ended with an extreme ankle injury that resulted in a metal plate and seven screws. My achilles also snapped and my pretty much everything in my foot and ankle was destroyed. 5. I thought I was dealing with residual pain from that injury for six years, when I was actually walking miles a day on a fractured sesamoid bone (big bone under the big toe that helps with balance). 6. Once the break was discovered, the bone was dead and crumbling. It had to be completely removed, along with a restructuring of the upper inside quadrant of my foot (and more metal). 7. I had the best surgeon ever and he drew a smiley face on my toe. Dr. Ben Stein. Go to him. Laci McCandless Foot Surgery 8.  Prior to December 2015, I'd never been out of the country. 9. I've now traveled internationally three times (the fourth time will be in October). 10. Three of those trips have been to Mexico. I'm obsessed. 11. I spent last Christmas in Ireland. 12. I'm fascinated by man buns. 13. I love country music and listen to it every chance I get. 14. When I was a little girl, I aspired to be a country music star. 15. My S.O. claims country music hurts his ears. 16. I'm a natural blonde but highlight my hair to make it a prettier shade. BabyLaci 17. I will only practice headstand against a wall, even though I never actually use the wall. 18. I'm the head of HR at a digital agency but am a bit of a technophobe (I still can't figure out Google Docs). 19. I watch Ally McBeal when I'm feeling down and relate to her fantasies and hallucinations. 20. I am severely allergic to gold and moderately allergic to nickel. Yes, that means no jewelry for me. 21. My doctors theorize that I developed the nickel allergy from overexposure to nickel while eating a plant-based only diet for three years. (I'm a bit of an extremist.) 22. I've used my nickel allergy as an excuse to eat lots of cheese. It doesn't contain nickel. 23. I did a three-day rafting trip through the Grand Canyon with my parents six years ago. I slept under the stars each night. And pee'd in the river constantly. Adventure Laci 24. Roll ups are the hardest Pilates exercise for me because of my badonkadonk booty. 25. My all-time favorite food is Ruffles with French onion dip. Want to take one of Laci's classes? Register for a session online!

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