25 Things You Didn’t Know About Meredith Capps

Meredith teaches group reformer and mat classes and private sessions at Fuse, and is well known around the studio for her super popular Super Circuit workshops and her great indie playlists. Read on to learn a few more little known facts about this lawyer-turned-fitness enthusiast in our latest 25 Facts feature! 1. I pretty much quit exercising from 2004 to 2008. Pilates saved me!
Practice makes perfect.

Practice makes perfect.

2. As a kid, I briefly aspired to be an astronomer, until I discovered it required aptitude at math. Like most lawyers, math scares me. 3. I love going to the movies by myself. My recommended movie this summer so far is Hell or High Water. 4. I also love traveling by myself--though I let my husband tag along these days. My favorite trip ever was Greece--I have yet to see anything more beautiful than sunset in Santorini! 5. He took this picture of me doing the obligatory teaser at Machu Picchu.
Fuse Pilates Meredith Teaser

Teaser'ing atop Machu Picchu!

6. Growing up I danced practically every part in The Nutcracker--except Clara. (Can you tell I'm still resentful?) 7. I believe that the cake : frosting ratio should always lean heavily towards (very, very sugary) frosting. 8. I've always hated bananas. I can smell them from clear across the room. 9. In middle school I was in show choir. Cringe!!! 10. But in high school I was much cooler, and was captain of the "pom squad" (like cheerleading, but with all dancing and no cheering). 11. My father works in the horse racing industry, and I grew up in the "Triple Crown" states: New York, Kentucky, and Maryland. 12. As a result of this, I was the "trophy girl" at Preakness when I was in high school and college. Cringe, again! 13. I'm not sure how I once lived without satellite radio...but I refuse to install GPS in my car. 14. When I was 15, I danced in the opening number of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I was very, very cold. 15. I'm an only child, and so is my husband. We are also both lawyers. I know--yikes. 16. In college, I lived on the floor of the former Howard Johnson where the Watergate burglary team monitored the break-in. 17. I was a sorority girl--any other Alpha Phis out there? 18. I have volunteered at N Street Village, just down the street from Fuse on 14th, with the Junior League of Washington for six years. 19. During Super Bowl XXIII I developed a crush on Joe Montana and proclaimed myself a 49ers fan, and have never waivered in that allegiance.
Fuse Pilates Meredith 49ers

Repping my team!

20. I never had the chicken pox and, like Rumer, have never broken a bone (knock on wood!). 21. My favorite TV show of all time is Mad Men. I could psychoanalyze Don Draper all day. 22. But I also have an unusual fondness for the reality show Parking Wars. If you think the parking authority is tough in DC, check out the episodes in Philly! 23. Nail polish is a must for me, both hands and toes. I feel exposed without it. 24. The Rothko Room at the Phillips Collection is one of my favorite places in DC. 25. I have been trying to teach my rescue cat Bowie, adopted in January, to be a lap cat. Here he is, kinda sitting on my lap while I make a playlist--but only because I am holding a bag of treats. Want to take one of Meredith’s classes? Register for a session online!


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