25 Things You Didn’t Know About Anita Singh

If you've ever taken one of Anita's morning ladder classes, you know she can deliver a serious butt kicking before most people sip their first cup of coffee. She's also known around the studio for her creative and super challenging suspension training exercises (don't miss her workshop next month!) and always has a killer playlist to power her sessions. Read on to learn a few little known facts about Anita in our latest 25 Facts feature! AnitaonLadder 1. If I could survive eating nothing but potatoes (primarily mashed), I would. In fact, I may have done exactly that during certain 24 hour periods of my life.  I am obviously not a nutritionist. Potato Meme 2. Like Mariska, I also used to try to get out of gym class as a kid.  And my college fitness/wellness requirement? I satisfied that with morning meditation and volunteering (most people took things like weightlifting and running). 3. By mid-2017, I will have taught approximately 5,000(!) fitness classes.  I have been teaching and personal training since 2003. 4. I started in the fitness industry as a boxing and kickboxing trainer. I have taught everything from boxing to boot camp, TRX to Pilates, yoga to cycle, and dance.  I currently teach primarily Fuse Ladder, Pilates apparatus, TRX, and indoor cycling at Flywheel. 5. I fell in love with reformer the first time I took it (over 15 years ago) and have been committed ever since.  I now have my own personal small (but full!) Pilates studio (reformer/tower/chair/barrel and more) in my basement. Home Pilates Studio 6. Chair is my favorite Pilates apparatus. I could do handstand/pike for days. 7. My favorite mat Pilates moves are jackknife and boomerang. 8. My favorite reformer moves are tendon stretch and snake. 9. My favorite tower/cadillac exercises are ferris wheel/semi-circle and walkovers. Pilates Ferris Wheel 10. My background as a TRX qualified trainer has given me so much inspiration for the Fuse Ladder -- and springs take suspension training to a whole new level. TRX 11. My iPad greets me with an "I <3 Burpees" picture. I really do heart them. And push-ups. All of the push-ups. I Heart Burpees 12. I train A LOT of upper body. That wasn't always the case, but ask me to do a squat nowadays and it's interesting (to say the least). Gotta change that -- it's all about balance.  Keep those lower body requests coming, Fuse fam! Fuse Pilates Push-Up 13. I was born and raised in Texas -- but no one believes me because I talk really, really fast and don't have an accent. If I am angry, though -- you may hear a ya'll or two. But I will still talk too fast. 14. Blue is my favorite color - navy and royal only, please. I have also realized that navy blue ends suit my hair well, and for that I am grateful. 15. I have the most amazing cat in the world.  He is a Russian Blue (of course). Ringo 16. I am 1/2 Indian (my dad was from India; my mom from Ohio). 17. I (like Mariska, again) am a proud nerd. I also graduated valedictorian of my high school. 18. I absolutely love math and science (the show Brain Games makes me happy), and they were always my best subjects in school, but I have spent most of my career in positions involving writing and communicating. I love a challenge. 19. I am currently a full-time legal writing professor at GW Law School. 20. I had a nearly 10-year career as a lawyer in the federal government, and worked both at DOJ and at the White House. 21. I was a management consultant before becoming a lawyer -- and although it was a short stint, that experience probably had the single greatest impact on my career. 22. I graduated college in 2.5 years while working full-time. I like to do a lot of things at once, and try my best to be efficient. Maybe that's why I talk too fast? 23. I love learning, and I love being a student. I have four degrees. I may go back for more. I also have earned about 10 different fitness certifications and have over 400 hours of training in Pilates, 200 in yoga, and hundreds (if not thousands) of hours of training in other fitness formats. #alwaysastudentsometimesateacher 24. I fell in love with Philadelphia while a student at the University of Pennsylvania, and to this day it may be my favorite city. 25. I get the greatest joy from seeing my fitness family succeed, seeing you regularly, delivering what you request, hearing your stories, and celebrating your wins. I am so incredibly thankful that I have the chance to do what I love and work with so many amazing people. Want to take one of Anita's classes? Register for a session online!

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