25 Things You Didn’t Know About Joe Duffey

  Fuse Pilates Teacher Joe Duffey Dance   Joe is one of our newer instructors, but he's been part of the Fuse family as a student since 2013. He has quickly become one of our most beloved teachers thanks to his infectious upbeat attitude and fascinating day job -- an Irish dance performer, choreographer, and performer! Read on to learn more about Joe and check out some of his fancy footwork in our latest 25 Facts feature. 1. I’m an Irish dancer. 2. I’ve performed on Broadway. Fuse Pilates Joe Duffey Dance 3. My favorite food are blueberries. 4. I’m a bit of a Lululemon addict (as is common in the life of a dancer / Pilates teacher!). 5. I love running, but that usually bothers my knees, so I stick to Pilates for low-impact exercise while I’m in between touring / performing. 6. I started practicing Pilates while in training for Irish dance competitions at around age 15. 7. I grew up in the Washington, DC-area but wasn’t born here. 8. I was born in Northampton, MA, which is where my folks currently live. 9. Any sort of velvet fabric or texture freaks me out. 10. I majored in geography in undergrad. A lot of people ask me what I’ve done with that degree; my response is “I’ve travelled." Well, also, I was in a show which there were two other dancers who also majored in geography, so there must be some sort of similarity! 11. I’ve known “what I want do when I grow up” since age six: I saw Michael Flatley on video & wanted to dance like him. 17 years later, that came true when I first performed with him in Lord of the Dance in London. 12. Believe it or not, I’m actually not that flexible. Working on that, one Pilates session at a time. 13. I love coffee. 14. No, like, I REALLY LOVE coffee! I used to be a barista at Filter in Dupont Circle. Joe Duffey Fuse Pilates Filter Coffee 15. The craziest place I’ve ever travelled to on tour with an Irish dance show is Petropavolsk-Kamtachsky in far east Russia.  I dare you to look it up on a map!  Despite the remoteness, the show was sold out! 16. I’m an only child. 17. My favorite TV show of all time is The Simpsons. 18. Washington, DC is my favorite city. Fuse Pilates Teacher Joe Duffey Irish Dancer 19. Im absolutely TERRIBLE at ice skating!  This comes as a surprise to many people considering I’m a dancer & am supposed to be graceful! 20. 14th street is one of my favorite streets in DC, and I am thrilled it is where Fuse calls home! (Also convenient, since I live just a few blocks away). 21. Criss-cross is my least favorite Pilates exercise. It should be called “cringe-cross” since I feel like I usually make a face while doing it! 22. I’m a huge fan of modern art. Willem de Kooning is my favorite artist. 23. Coldplay is my favorite band of all time. I usually start my classes off with a disclaimer that there may be Coldplay in the playlist! 24. I have an obsession with mason jars & Edison-style lightbulbs. 25. If I could, I’d fill my entire apartment with succulents & air plants. Want to take one of Joe's classes? Register for a session online!

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