March Matness 2017 Giveaway & Contest!

March Matness 2017 Double Leg Stretch

It’s the first day of March MATness and this year we’re doing it up big! Along with some amazing mat class deals, we’re also running a month-long giveaway and contest! Here’s the details + how you can participate:

• Every day in March we’ll be posting one classical Pilates mat exercise on our Instagram page.
• Do the exercise that day (you can do one, some, or all!) and post a photo or video of it on its corresponding day.
• Tag us (@fusepilates) in your entry and use two hashtags to enter the contest: #fusehardcore AND #marchMATness2017.
• Make sure your profile is set to PUBLIC or we won’t be able to see your entry!

Everyone who enters will win a free mat class (limit 1 per student) and everyone who posts will also be entered into a drawing for a FREE month of Fuse mat classes! Every entry counts towards the grand prize, so more entries means a greater chance to win 30 days of unlimited mat classes!

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for daily exercise inspiration, or check out the list of exercises below to plan your post:

March 1: hundred
March 2: rollup
March 3: rollover
March 4: one leg circle
March 5: rolling back
March 6: one leg stretch
March 7: double leg stretch
March 8: spine stretch
March 9: rocker with open legs
March 10: corkscrew
March 11: saw
March 12: swan dive
March 13: one leg kick
March 14: double leg kick
March 15: neck pull
March 16: scissors and bicycle
March 17: shoulder bridge
March 18: spine twist
March 19: jack knife
March 20: side kick
March 21: teaser
March 22: hip twist
March 23: swimming
March 24: leg pulls (front and back)
March 25: kneeling side kick
March 26: side bend
March 27: boomerang
March 28: seal and crab
March 29: rocking
March 30: control balance
March 31: pushup

We’ll announce the winner on Monday, April 3rd. Good luck and see you on mat this month!

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