May Pilates Workshop Preview

Fuse Pilates Workshop

Summer is just around the corner. Get a sneak peek (and snag your spot early!) for next month’s workshops. MORE TO COME!

– Foam Roller & Tennis Ball Workshop Bootcamp with Tori – 
Sunday, May 7h / 1-2:15pm / $35
Do you own a foam roller but only know a few exercises that use it? Are you tight in the hips and hamstrings? In this workshop you’ll learn how to properly use a foam roller to reduce tightness and increase flexibility as well as a great core strengthening routine you can do at home. There are more than a hundred ways to use the foam roller for stretching and core work and Tori will teach you at least half of those in this workshop! She’ll also cover some great hip myofascial release techniques you can do at home using a tennis ball.
*Must bring your own foam roller. Fuse will provide tennis balls.

– Interval Training on the Reformer with Tori 
Sunday, May 21st / 1-2:15pm / $35
Get ready to sweat! Tori has created a 75-minute interval workout designed to challenge your entire body. This session is designed for students looking to take it up a notch in their Pilates practice, so some prior experience on the machines is required. There will be lots of squats so healthy knees are a must.

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