25 Things You Didn’t Know About Lauren Kalina

It's time to introduce you to one of our newest instructors, Lauren! She is known for her bright and colorful leggings and her energetic personality. Find out which presidential campaign she worked for, her favorite Pilates moves, and where she got engaged (hint: you may recognize the setting...) in our latest 25 facts feature! 1. I'm originally from St. Louis, MO, but moved to DC for college (GWU - #raisehigh) almost 10 years ago and haven't looked back since. 2. My fiancé and I just bought a house in Petworth and love my new neighborhood and getting to know my neighbors. 3. I am getting married next May.
Fuse Pilates Lauren Kalina

Additional fun fact: my fiancé proposed to me right outside of the studio, just after finishing up teacher training!

4. My fiancé is Australian, but I met him in the U.S. when we both worked on the Obama Campaign in 2012. 5. I have a big floppy hound dog named Crockett. I rescued him 2.5 years ago.
Fuse Pilates Instructor Lauren Kalina

Crockett graduated from his training class, and I was such a proud mommy!

6. My full time job is recruiting architects and interior designers. 7. I also sold event planning software for 2.5 years. 8. And prior to that, I worked in the wonderful world of politics... 9. I studied non-profit management in college. So much for using my major... 10. I once met Martin Sheen in an elevator on Capitol Hill. He and I discussed North Face coats/jackets over the span of multiple floors. I didn't tell him I was a fan because I was worried that it might not have been him. I got off the elevator and furiously Googled until I learned it was, in fact, him. 11. In 2012, I represented Missouri in the National Cherry Blossom festival, as a cherry blossom princess (it's not a pageant, but I did wear a sash!).
Lauren Kalina Cherry Blossom Princess

Very princess-y.

12. I have four tattoos, one of which is a cherry blossom. Ironically, I had to cover it up while I was a cherry blossoms princess. 13. Right after my college graduation, I spent about two months living in a rural village in Tanzania, teaching English, math and health. I had no running water or electricity in my village. It was an awesome experience. 14. I started doing Pilates when I was in elementary school with my mom. We'd pop in a cassette tape after school was over. 15. Back then, my favorite move was a Teaser. Now it's my least favorite. 16. My current favorite is probably Swan Dive, but that can change based on my mood. 17. In high school I was a cheerleader. It wasn't cool, everyone hated the cheerleaders. Fuse Pilates Teacher Lauren Kalina 18. I was also a part of a pre-professional teen theater company in high school. Clearly, I didn't end up taking that route, but several members of the program did. 19. I still love theater in general, particularly musicals. If you ever need someone to belt out show tunes with, I'm your girl. 20. Speaking of singing, I LOVE to sing (mostly jazz and show tunes, but pop music too) and my all time favorite activity is karaoke. 21. For a while, I thought I wanted to be a motivational speaker, or a rabbi, or a television anchor. But now I'd just prefer to teach Pilates. 22. I spent four years working as a camp counselor for various specialty camps - one was a camp for children with cancer, another was a camp for children whose parents have cancer.
Fuse Pilates Meet Lauren Kalina

Me post-messy games. Additional fun fact #2: I broke my foot that summer dancing to Justin Bieber while getting ready for camp.

23. I don't drink coffee or really anything caffeinated. I don't really need it because I'm naturally energetic. 24. I've been to five out of seven continents. Only South America and Antarctica are left. 25. I have a lot of fun, brightly colored workout clothes. Don't get me wrong, I still have my fair share of blacks and grays, but I love bright colors and bold geometric pattern. Want to take one of Lauren's classes? Register for a session online!

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