25 Things You Didn’t Know About Liz Bernstein

Liz is one of the newest members of the Fuse fam, and if you love early morning workouts, she's your gal! Liz shares her path to yoga and Pilates and some fun facts in our latest teacher feature. 1. I am originally from Miami Florida. 2. I graduated high school at 17 years old because I skipped first grade. I was bossing all the other kids around in pre-K so I went straight to 2nd grade. Not much has changed! 😉 3. I went to undergraduate school at University of Central in Orlando. 4. I have two different undergraduate degrees. BSBA in Finance and a BSBA in Economics. 5. I moved out of Florida at 22 to attend Boston University for a masters in economics. 6. I moved to D.C. immediately after I graduated with my MAEP because Boston was too cold for my Florida blood. Oh, and for a job. 7. I still hate winter and probably always will. 8. Ocean, beach and warmth over any other activity, always. 9. I have been in DC for eight years and I love it (even though there is no beach). 10. My favorite movie is the Wizard of Oz and I still watch it at least a few times a year. The messages transform as you get older -- watch it again, trust me! 11. My favorite flowers are sunflowers. 12. I have been practicing yoga for 13 years and teaching for seven. Fuse Pilates Instructor 13. I have been practicing Pilates for 7 and teaching for three. Fuse Pilates Reformer Plank 14. I quit my job as an economist at the Bureau of Economic Analysis in April of 2015 to start Soulful Elephant Yoga, my wellness company. It's going great! 15. At the BEA I helped calculate GDP but I don't miss it one bit! 16. My favorite reformer move right now is coordination. 17. I scuba dive a few times a year and am working on my advance certification. I could talk for hours about the ocean! Some of my most memorable dives include Aruba, Bali, Tulum, and Grand Caymans. 18. I was raised Jewish but never really found my groove in organized religion. 19. I am allergic to all types of nuts except for coconuts. I had never been allergic to food before until my first semester in graduate school. Immune systems are funny like that! 20. I meditate daily and even teach corporate mindfulness seminars. 21. I had two brain surgeries in July of 2015 to cure a very rare disease called Cushing's Disease. They went well and although it's an uphill battle, I am thankful for every day in this life. 22. I love all animals and have a bratty cat named Magnolia. Fuse Pilates Meet Liz Bernstein 23. I volunteer regularly and serve on two committees for N Street Village, a women's empowerment community and homeless shelter. It fills my soul! 24. I haven't eaten red meat or pork since 5th grade, which was in 1995! 25. One of my favorite sayings comes from my grandmother who passed in 2008: "Don't sweat the small stuff, and you know what, it's all small stuff." Want to take one of Liz's classes? Register for a session online!

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