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Today’s guest post is brought to you by Fuse instructor Lauren Kalina. Lauren received her Classical Mat Pilates and Fuse Pilates Method training at Fuse Pilates in 2016 and currently teaches Fuse Mat, Fuse Ladder and our new trampoline fitness class, Fuse Bounce! Learn more about this super fun way to get fit below!

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Trampoline fitness (also known as rebounding) is so insanely fun, you’ll forget that you’re working out and burning beaucoup calories (up to 500 an hour, by the way!). The best part is that bouncing also has some major health benefits. Here are 15 reasons why you should add trampoline fitness classes into your workout rotation:

15. Low impact for your joints

The springs of the trampoline absorb a lot of the shock from bouncing, so trampoline fitness is a safe and effective program for people with joint pain and injuries.

14. Burns as many calories as running, but feels less strenuous

A recent study by the American Council on Exercise found that trampoline fitness burns the same number of calories as running on a treadmill at a steady 6.0 pace, but with a lower perceived exertion rate.


We’ll take a trampoline over the treadmill any day of the week!

13. Enhanced cardiovascular endurance and performance

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) guidelines for improving cardiorespiratory fitness recommend exercising at 64 to 94 percent of Maximal Heart Rate or 40 to 85 percent of Maximal Oxygen Uptake five days per week for 30 to 60 minutes per day. The same study by ACE found that trampoline fitness classes fall well within the ACSM guidelines for improving your cardiovascular health, so that means regular rebounding classes will improve your cardiovascular ability!

Cardio is hardio. Fuse Bounce makes it fun!

Cardio is hardio. Fuse Bounce makes it fun!

12. Great for your lymphatic system

The lymphatic system is how your body rids itself of toxins, and sweat is one of the many ways your lymphatic does its job. Trampolining activates the lymphatic system to get things moving. Get ready to sweat!

11. Increases lower body strength

Bouncing recruits your glutes, hamstrings, quads, feet and calf muscles. With all of these muscle groups working together, you’ll see a marked increase in your lower body strength in no time.

Bounce for the booty!

Bounce for the booty!

10. Improves balance and coordination

The trampoline is an unsteady surface, so each time you step on, you are challenging your balance. You might feel a little shaky when you first step off the trampoline, but after just a few classes you’ll notice that you feel more balanced, centered and stable.

9. Core strength like WOAH

In order to maintain balance on the trampoline and really propel your bounces, you will need to engage with your core. Not only is rebounding a great cardio workout, but you also get an amazing ab workout, too! That’s what we call a WIN-WIN!

8. Better muscle tone and definition

Bouncing is a full-body workout, so you’ll notice changes in your body after just a few sessions. When combined with a balanced diet, adding trampoline classes into your regular exercise routine will help you improve your muscle tone and definition in no time.

7. Increases bone density and lowers risk of osteoporosis

The International Osteoporosis Foundation recommends jumping and other weight bearing exercises as a way to increase bone density. Here’s how it works: when you bear weight on your bones, that stimulates the bones to produce new, harder bone cells. As your bones become more dense, you decrease your risk of developing osteoporosis.

6. Torches calories

On average, bouncing burns about 10 calories per minute – that’s over 450 calories per class! Hop to it!

We can't banish calories from existence, but we can help you burn more with every bounce!

We can’t banish calories from existence, but we can help you burn more with every bounce!

5. Boosts metabolism and resting metabolic rate

Trampoline fitness is proven to increase your metabolism as well as your resting metabolic rate, which means you will continue burning fat long after you step off the trampoline.

4. Jump starts your brain

Trampolining requires a great deal of concentration because you’re balancing, bouncing, staying upright, and anticipating the next move all at once. It also requires focus, memory, and spatial awareness. Additionally, the cardiovascular benefits of bouncing means that fresh, oxygen rich blood is constantly being delivered to the brain. After a trampoline session you may notice an improvement in memory, mental clarity, and overall brain function.

3. Reduces blood pressure and increases blood circulation

According to a 2012 study published in the journal “Hypertension,” aerobic exercise can help reduce high blood pressure. Rebounding elevates your heart rate, which helps strengthen your cardiac muscles. It also increases circulation, which can help you avoid dangerous disorders such as blood clots.

2. Helps you sleep better

With everything going on in your body during a trampoline class, you are probably going to be tired afterwards. Your muscles may be sore, you might feel a bit breathless, but you will be happy and stress-free! Rebounding can help relieve stress and anxiety, which can help you get to sleep faster. Once you are asleep you may want to sleep longer and more deeply. Sleep, Eat, Bounce, Repeat!

1. It’s fun!

The best reason to try Fuse Bounce is because it’s FUN! You get to feel like a kid again while you listen to awesome music and forget about the world for 45 minutes.

Go ahead and give it a try for yourself! Join us for Fuse Bounce every Thursday at 6 p.m. BOOK YOUR SPOT NOW!

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