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Olympians Cross Train with Pilates (And Why You Should, Too.)

The Olympics. I’ll admit that I do not usually watch sports on purpose. However, I make an exception every two years to watch the Olympics, because despite my general lack of enthusiasm for televised sports, I have an incredible appreciation for … Continue reading

25 Things You Didn’t Know About Rumer Richardson

Rumer is a Dallas to DC transplant and has been teaching reformer classes and private sessions since last year. She has quickly become known around the studio for her bubbly personality and upbeat playlists with awesome remixes. Here are a … Continue reading

25 Things You Didn’t Know About Tori Ellis

Tori is known around the studio for her classic rock and hip hop-heavy playlists and the yoga bend she brings to her Fuse Mat, Reformer, and Reformer Plus classes. There are probably some things you don’t know about her, though. … Continue reading

Is Your Teacher a Sadist?

Bwahahahaha. You know you’ve been wondering… Is your fitness teacher a sadist? Chances are, yes.

Why We Love 14th Street

Now that 14th Street’s Fuse Pilates has all of our class offerings, it truly is the center of all things wonderful in D.C. Sure, I might be partial (I live in the neighborhood), but I moved to the area in 2002, … Continue reading

25 Things You Didn’t Know About Mariska Breland

Believe it or not, fitness instructors do more than spend their time thinking of new and creative ways to torture you in class (though that is one favorite hobby). Get to know more about your favorite Fuse instructors in our new … Continue reading

14 Ways to Get to 14th Street

New to our 14th Street studio? You’re in for a treat – literally.

Fuse Pilates Upper Body Workout

So long snow, hello sunshine! Spring is finally, actually, OFFICIALLY here and we are so ready to bust out our tank tops to show off the arms, shoulders, and sculpted upper back muscles we’ve been building all winter long. 

March Matness: Our Favorite Pilates Mat Exercises

In honor of March Matness, we asked our instructors to share their favorite and least favorite Pilates mat exercises. See which ones they love (and love to hate!) below.

What’s the Toughest Fuse Pilates Workout?

Students regularly ask me – “what’s the hardest class?”  It’s mat. “Pardon?” Yes, mat.