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Fuse Ladder FAQ

New to the Fuse Ladder? Read on to find out more about our unique and challenging workout and get tips for making your first session a success. Where else can I take Fuse Ladder classes? Nowhere. The ladder is unique … Continue reading

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Could this be the best workout ever?

When we were looking to expand our Fuse Pilates DC location, we wanted to add something new to our offerings. That new thing became Fuse Ladder. Ladder is my perfect workout. It combines the best of all fitness disciplines. There … Continue reading

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The Fuse Ladder: Redefining Hard Core

No, it’s not a training apparatus for firefighters. Over the years, many students have asked if we offer (or were planning to teach) barre classes. Our answer has always been (and remains) no – there are plenty of studios out … Continue reading

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