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Pilates for Yogis: How Chair Can Help with Handstand

Fuse Pilates instructor Jen René joins the blog for a series of guest posts to explore the ways that Pilates enhances her yoga practice. Jen is the co-founder of Ashtanga Dispatch and the director of the Mysore Program at Flow … Continue reading

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The Bandhas – A Pilates Point-of-View

This blog post originally appeared in the Elephant Journal, but we liked it so much we decided to give it a permanent home on the Fuse Pilates blog as well. If you’ve taken a yoga class, you may have heard … Continue reading

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Is Pilates Yoga?

I could make this blog post really short. Is Pilates yoga? No. No, it isn’t. You have a yoga studio don’t you? No. No, I don’t. How’s the yoga studio doing? Terribly, I think. Since it doesn’t exist. There are … Continue reading

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