The Benefits of Pilates

Anyone at any stage of life or health can benefit from Pilates.  Of course, whether group classes will work for you depends on your general level of fitness, but counting private classes in the mix, the first statement holds true. The benefits of Pilates are many, including:Benefits of Pilates
  • Builds long, lean musculature
  • Creates balanced strength
  • Increases flexibility
  • Connects the mind and body, which is meditative and can produce a calming effect and even decrease depression
  • Improves posture, which in turn helps reduce back pain
  • Develops your balance, which makes you better at sports and less likely to fall down (if you’re prone to that)
  • Helps to prevent injuries and if you have them, it can help you recover
  • Can aid in weight loss
Fuse Pilates is not traditional Pilates but offers all of the same benefits listed above. Additionally, we try our best to make your workout fun, keep it interesting and continuously change it up to keep your muscles and your mind working their hardest. Plus, all the cool kids are doing it… in case that plays a role in your decision on whether to give it a try.

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