Fuse on the Go

Want to bring all the awesomeness of Fuse to your location?  No problem.  With Fuse on the Go, we bring the hard core to you. Corporate Wellness:  Let the power of Fuse foster productivity for your team.  We can teach classes during lunch or after hours at your office.  You provide the space and promote the class; we bring the awesome.  Or we can partner with you to offer your employees discounted classes at our studio.  We don’t have to tell you the substantially improved impact that healthy, engaged employees can have on your organization. Afterschool Programs:  Michelle Obama isn’t the only one who wants to get kids moving.  We can design afterschool fitness programs for students from elementary school through college.  Or perhaps your teachers need to sweat it out after a day with the kids?  We can make that happen, too.  Either way, we don’t grade on form. Hotels/B&Bs:  No gym?  “Fitness Center” feel more like a large walk-in closet than an actual “center”?  Bring in Fuse.  We can run a class on your pool deck, in an outdoor courtyard, or even in a party room.  Or partner with us to make classes available at a discount or even free to your guests.  While no one in this town will admit to being partial to friends, your guests will be glad you did them this one favor. Contact us today to bring Fuse to you.

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